Penis enlargement techniques have gained a significant popularity among men who are not satisfied with the size of their genital parts; the undesired size of male reproductive organ can cause low-esteem and unsatisfactory sexual life. Although it is a very common problem, gladly there are effective solutions.

   Surgical and non-surgical penis enlargement techniques are becoming widespread day by day. Penis enlargement non-surgical procedures are usually dermal filler injections, stretching exercises, vacuuming device, pills and lotions or pubic liposuction. Although most of the time, having a non-surgical procedure seems more easy, they are not found as effective as the surgical ones on the results.

   Surgical techniques of ligament transection and fat transfer to penis are found to be the most efficient treatments. The significant point on the success of these surgical procedures is the delicate approach in all stages of the procedure; recovery period is quite important for a proper healing and results. Both ligament transection and fat transfer to penis have easy recovery processes when all the instructions from the surgeon are followed closely.

Recovery period of ligament transection

   During ligament transection procedure suspensory ligament is severed through a V-shaped incision to disconnect the base of the penis from the pubic bone to achieve a longer flaccid penis.

   Patients are recommended to rest for 2 days after the procedure; depending on the physical activity level of their work, patients can get back to work after 2 days of rest.

   Incision scar should be taken care of as instructed. Swelling and bruising are the most common side effects and they can remain for around 2 weeks. Standing up or walking for too long should be avoided for 2 weeks.

   After 4-6 weeks, patients can get back to heavy activities and sexual intercourse. The final results of ligament transection are achieved in 3-6 months after the operation.

Recovery period of fat transfer to penis

   Fat transfer to penis operation is done by benefitting from the latest liposuction techniques. During the surgery, the unwanted fat from the other parts of body like tummy or thighs are collected with liposuction; areas can change depending on the patient’s specific condition since liposuction can be done to many different areas. After the purification of the collected fat via suitable processes, it is injected to the penis to through tiny incisions made in the base of the penis to increase the girth. Fat transfer to penis is mainly for increasing the girth however it can also extend the length for 1-1,5 cm.

   After the procedure, patients should rest for 24 hours; minimal bruising and swelling can be experienced and it is completely normal.

   Heavy exercising, lifting and sexual intercourse should be avoided for 2 weeks.

   The important point about the fat transfer to penis recovery period is the liposuction part; patients often want to combine their procedure with an extensive liposuction with multiple areas involved and it is very possible. However, it should be taken into account that it would affect and prolong the recovery period.

   Penis enlargement in Clinic Mono is performed by fat transfer to penis technique by using the latest Vaser liposuction technique; for further information on the procedure please visit

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