What is a Micro FUE Hair Transplant?

Micro FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most modern hair transplant method popular with many people. The procedure is minimally invasive with a very short recovery period. After Micro FUE hair transplant, patients don’t have scars. The number of grafts transferred is much higher than other classical FUE and FUT methods. Technological advances over time have greatly accelerated the hair transplant process and have made the process much more comfortable for many people.

So what is a Micro FUE hair transplant?

In the simplest terms, Micro FUE is a hair transplant method that usually follows the patient to receive grafts from the donor area behind their head before our surgeon opens micro-channels in the area where they will receive the graft.

This procedure is ideal for patients suffering from hair loss or alopecia. It takes some time for new natural hair to form, and hair restoration is also possible with this technique.

Micro FUE hair transplant technique is today’s most commonly used hair transplant technique, and Micro FUE is a more developed and accurate type of FUE technique.

The difference between Micro FUE technique from other hair transplant techniques is that the procedure is performed by special instruments of micromotor and 0.6 – 0.75 mm micro punch tips. The extracted grafts are directly transplanted to the recipient area one by one. The donor site is usually the back of the head, but the grafts can be taken from different body types if needed. However, it is unlikely to obtain a natural and dense look with grafts from other parts.

Micro FUE gives very natural results and is very effective for beard, moustache and eyebrow transplants.

Micro FUE technique can be used to cover scars around hairy areas with grafts and to fix up poorly performed previous hair transplant surgery:

  • Micro FUE is a minimally invasive and pain-free technique; it performs under local anaesthesia.
  • The use of special instruments with micro tips allows denser implantation, more natural results and gives the implanted grafts more accurate angle and depth.
  • The Micro FUE technique requires unique, well-developed instruments and a very delicate and experienced approach. The success rate of Micro FUE is %95-100.
  • The recovery process is concise; patients can get back to their daily routine right after the procedure.
  • The results are permanent; you can style your implanted hair as you wish after your healing process is done and your regular hair growth cycle starts.
  • The extraction process is very smooth, so the grafts are not exposed to any traumas or harm.
  • Micro FUE doesn’t require any stitches and leaves no scar.
  • Micro FUE is suitable for female patients and patients with Afro Hair who experience hair loss.

In Mono Hair Transplant Clinic, the developed Micro FUE technique is performed very effectively by our hair transplant specialists. Our medical consultants are looking forward to informing you more about Micro FUE hair transplant and making you a personalized treatment plan.

Micro FUE Hair Transplant Turkey

Micro FUE hair transplant in Turkey is one of the newest and most effective techniques. It’s also an extremely effective choice for your hair restoration. Our surgeons specialize in the Micro FUE method and guarantee you natural results. In addition, the cost of Micro FUE hair transplant in Turkey is unbeatable compared to many other countries, including the UK and the US.

Our surgeons professionally remove micrografts from your donor area with high hair density with the help of a micromotor. In the Micro FUE in Turkey, our surgeon uses an optical microscope. This highly protects your follicular units and prevents your hair follicles from being damaged during the transfer phase.

Thus, you will get a much more natural result and have an authentic hairline. In addition, your recovery process after a Micro FUE hair transplant in Turkey will be very fast. This means that you will quickly achieve the look of your dreams with your natural and new hairline.

Micro FUE hair transplant has many advantages in Turkey. For example, you will not have any pain after the procedure compared to other hair transplant techniques. This technique also doesn’t require a scalpel or stitches. With it, you can achieve the most effective results.

The Micro FUE procedure is similar to the manual FUE technique. The only difference is that the Micro FUE method has become much easier thanks to advanced technology. This method is much faster than the classical FUE method. The cuts around your hair follicles are also more aesthetic.

What is the Difference Between FUE and Micro FUE?

Both FUE and Micro FUE follow similar processes. However, the only difference is our surgeon’s tools during the procedure. In the FUE method, our surgeon uses a metal staple with a hollow on one end and a sharp, circular piercing to repair individual hair follicles before removing them from their position using wrist movements.

On the other hand, our surgeon uses a blunt or sharp stapler while performing the Micro FUE method. However, the stapler used by our surgeon in this technique isn’t manual as in the FUE method; in the Micro FUE method, the stapler is powered by a motor, and there is usually a button on the device.

When the surgeon places this device around the follicular unit, the device works quickly to extract your graft. This makes your hair transplant process much more efficient and comfortable.

Micro FUE Hair Transplant Reviews

Micro FUE hair transplant reviews in Turkey can give you detailed first-hand details about what it feels like to have the procedure. It’s easy for you to decide on a hair transplant. There’re many important aspects to consider, from complications to techniques to cost.

While surgeons can tell you all about the technical aspects of treatment, Micro FUE hair transplant reviews can give you a great idea of what it feels like to deal with them. Previous hair transplant patients can give you valuable information about the care, cost, attention and hair transplant results you can expect.

At Clinic Mono, we dedicate to providing you with great service and proving that we’re on the right track with the best hair transplant results and testimonials from our patients!

Micro FUE vs DHI

Micro FUE is the newest technique; our surgeons prefer to make a small circular cut in the skin around a hair follicle or group of follicles, remove them from your scalp and leave a small open hole.

In the DHI hair transplant procedure, the surgeon uses a Choi pen device to take individual follicles from the donor area.

Both Micro FUE and DHI methods are minimally invasive, and our surgeon transfers hair follicles in the same way with little control over angle, depth, and direction in both methods. Both procedures are scarring and have very short recovery times.


  • What is the Difference Between FUE and Micro FUE?

The only difference between FUE and Micro FUE procedures is that the surgeon uses a micro motor in the Micro FUE method. Micro FUE is a slightly more advanced process of the FUE hair transplant method. There is no need to cut hair according to the patient’s request in the Micro FUE method, and recovery times are very short in both methods.

  • Does Micro FUE Hair Transplant Last Forever?

Micro FUE hair transplant is permanent. The donor or permanent area where the surgeons take the patient’s hair follicles doesn’t fall out genetically. This is proof that Micro FUE is permanent.

  • How Much is Micro FUE in Turkey?

Micro FUE cost in Turkey is much lower than in many countries, including the UK and the US. However, as with every procedure, Micro FUE prices in Turkey vary according to many factors.

  • What is the Newest Hair Transplant Procedure?

Micro FUE is the newest hair transplant procedure. In this method, which is the newest hair transplant procedure, surgeons can transfer much more hair with the help of a micro motor.

  • Is Micro FUE Hair Transplant Painful?

Micro FUE hair transplant is completely painless. You will not experience any pain both during and after the procedure. In addition, your recovery period is much shorter in the Micro FUE method.