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Although hair loss is perceived as a problem mostly seen in men, it is also a common problem for women as well. Hair, being a big part of fashion and style, effects social life of women and their confidence in a high rate. Mono Hair Transplant Turkey is happy to help female patients who experience hair loss.

Hair loss, hair thinning and loss of hair volume in women can occur from many different reasons; genetic factors, pregnancy, hormonal irregularities, vitamin deficiency, iron deficiency, stress, medication, improper use of cosmetic products and many others. Usually these reasons are hard to prevent in the flow of daily life. There are products such as herbal oils, cosmetic hair restoration products or scalp massages in common use for hair loss in women, none of them proved to be a permanent solution for the problem so far. The permanent and most effective remedy for female hair loss is Hair Transplant.

Unlike hair loss in men, hair loss in women is usually seen in the back of head and center area instead of frontal scalp.

The Hair Transplant Techniques used for Female Hair Transplant does not differ from Hair Transplant Treatment for men. The consultation process is very important for Female Hair Transplant treatment. The detailed pictures of the hair loss areas on the scalp will be requested from you by our medical consultants along with your current health condition information in your online consultation. According to the reason causing hair loss, the type of hair loss and expectations of the patients, the hair transplant specialist will create an individual treatment plan.

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