Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

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One of the most recent techniques developed for Hair Transplant is DHI Method. DHI, meaning Direct Hair Implantation, is a technique which allows the hair transplant specialist to transplant the grafts directly to the recipient areas without opening up micro-channels. The extraction process and implantation process is combined together.

What makes the DHI Technique so special is Choi Implanter Pen. Choi Implanter Pen is a device which can make the direct implantation possible. The harvested grafts are exposed to outside environment for a very short time in DHI Technique with Choi Pen; they are directly implanted to the recipient area as soon as they are taken out from the donor area and the hair transplant specialist inserts the grafts by pressing down in an accurate angle.

DHI Technique reduces the time of the grafts remaining outside of the body. This way, the possibility of any harm for harvested grafts is decreasing on a large scale.

The survival rate of the transplanted grafts is much higher.

Since there will be no channel opening in the recipient area; side effects such as bleeding, scarring and swelling is minimized.

The recovery process is very fast on both the donor and recipient areas. Patients can get back to their daily life right after the procedure is done.

The donor area needs to be shaved but there is no need to shave the recipient area; the DHI technique is very suitable for those who wants to keep their hair long.

In DHI Hair Transplant, the transplanted grafts can be closer; the result are more natural and dense look can be obtained.

DHI Technique may cost slightly higher than other techniques due to the need of closer attention and developed tools the technique requires. Yet, the cost of DHI technique is still the cheapest available in Turkey.




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