Blepharoplasty is a procedure to increase the aesthetic look of the eyelids by removing out the excess fat and tissues; since the droopy eyelids are one of the biggest signs of aging, surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures including blepharoplasty, are opted from many patients who would like to turn back time and look younger.

   As the demand on cosmetic surgeries increases worldwide, the number of international treatment seekers have increased accordingly due to many advantages for opting a treatment abroad. The biggest advantage of opting for a treatment abroad is usually the lower costs. The first destination comes to mind with affordable cosmetic surgery prices and most satisfactory results is undoubtedly Turkey; this situation is not different for eyelid surgery as well.

   Here are some factors affecting the cost of eyelid surgery and the reason why it is more advantageous to have it in Turkey.

The details of the treatment plan

   Eyelid surgery is planned individually in accordance to the patient’s medical condition and expectations from the surgery. Aging effects may occur differently in every patient and the desires of patients may vary accordingly.

   Eyelid surgery can be performed for 2 or 4 eyelids; while some patients need the operation for only upper eyelids, others may also experience sagginess and deformity on their lower eyelids.

   The details like number of the eyelids and the extent of the surgery can affect the cost of the surgery; therefore, the final price of the treatment is usually shared with patients after a detailed consultation process in which the current medical condition, prior operations and the detailed explanation of the desired outcomes is discussed and a special treatment plan is created for the patient.

Inclusive treatment packages in Turkey

   For international patients, one of the many factors effective on the blepharoplasty surgery is treatment packages.

   Many medical centers in Turkey design inclusive cosmetic treatment packages for their international patients; by this way they provide an easier and more comfortable experience to their patients.

   The details like inclusiveness or quality of this treatment packages are important while setting up the overall price of the treatment.

   Blepharoplasty prices are usually offered in package concept in Turkey; the most common services included in the treatment package are accommodation, transfers, medications, meals, personal assistant and follow-up check-ups. The quality of the selected facilities and aftercare services are efficient on the package cost as well as the patient’s satisfaction level in the treatment journey.

Is blepharoplasty cost covered by the insurance?

   Eyelid surgery is an elective surgery in most cases; however, in some cases where the droopy eyelids cause major impairment on the vision, it can be fully or partially covered by insurance although it is not common.

   Clinic Mono offers the best quality eyelid surgery treatments in Turkey; treatment packages are all-inclusive and the aftercare services are designed to provide the patients with the most comfortable blepharoplasty experience. All-inclusive blepharoplasty prices of Clinic Mono cover all the expenses of the operation, hospital stay, accommodation, medications, transfers, multilingual personal assistant and follow-up visits. To get further information on the procedure, please visit

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