Eyelid Surgery in Turkey

Eyelid surgery, medically speaking “blepharoplasty”, is a surgical procedure performed in order to repair the deformed upper and lower eyelids. The sagginess and decreased elasticity of the skin are common signs of aging and they bring out related problems such as sagging of eyelids and sunken and hollow under eyes.

The sagging skin of eyelids is not always just an aesthetic problem; the condition commonly creates discomfort with the visual abilities as well. Especially the sagging of the upper eyelids may cause difficulties on vision which is very dangerous especially when you are doing activities like driving. Therefore, the eyelid surgery can be performed for both for aesthetic and medical reasons.

Eyelid surgery can be performed for 2 eyelids or 4 eyelids depending on the needs and expectation of the patients; it is common to get the surgery only for upper eyelids but also the lower eyelids are quite prone to get deformed by aging.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery is a very comfortable cosmetic procedure with a very high success rate.

To find out whether if you are a suitable candidate for eyelid surgery or not, the best way is to get a professional opinion on your individual condition. In a consultation that is done with an experienced plastic surgeon, patients are examined in terms of medical condition and medical history, all the expectations from the eyelid surgery are discussed in detail and thus a unique surgery plan is created for the patients.

Everybody who experience sagginess and deformations on their upper and lower eyelids can have a consultation for eyelid surgery to get further details about the operation. Clinic Mono offers online consultation sessions for international patients to provide a much more convenient and comfortable start to their eyelid surgery journey.

Eyelid Surgery Cost Turkey

While the eyelid surgery is performed almost everywhere around the world today, Turkey is one of the most visited countries by international patients who would like to have their treatment with advantageous prices and a privileged medical experience. Turkey offers the cheapest prices for eyelid surgeries and allows patients to have a lovely holiday in a nice country while having their treatment.

The cost of eyelid surgery depends on whether you will have the operation for 2 eyelids or 4 eyelids. Clinic Mono offers package concept eyelid surgery prices in which all the necessary details for your treatment journey is designed meticulously by the Mono team. The cost and package details of the operation will be shared during your consultation process by our experienced medical consultants.

What Are the Advantages of Eyelid Surgery?

Eyes carries a big importance on a person’s general energy and facial expressions.

Eyelid surgery is a very improved cosmetic operation that is performed by using the latest medical techniques and technologies; success rate of the operation very high and the results are permanent.

After an eyelid surgery, the general appearance of the face significantly gets younger; while sagginess of the eyelids can cause tired and older look, after an eyelid surgery, patients look much more energetic and youthful.

Latest techniques allow eyelid surgery to leave no trace behind; incision scars are hidden behind the natural folds of the skin and thus not visible after the operation.

For a high number of people, sagginess of the eyelids limits the vision; eyelid surgery does not change anything about the function of your eyes, however, after removing out the excess eyelid skin, many patients state that they have achieved a wider and better vision.

Since eyelids are very effective on the overall look of the face, after the eyelid surgery, patients say that their self-confidence improved significantly; more youthful and energetic look on the eyes allows patients to be much more comfortable in their professional and social lives.

Blepharoplasty Procedure

The proper incisions are made; usually in the folds of the eyelids or beneath the eyelashes. The excess skin and fat in eyelid areas are removed in accordance to the treatment plan made beforehand. After the necessary extractions are done and the symmetry is achieved, the area is closed up the sutures.

Recovery After Blepharoplasty

It is normal to experience swelling, bruising and pain around the eyes after the operation; the surgeon will prescribe you with the appropriate medication in order to prevent infections, minimize the side effects and support the healing process. Application of cold packs as instructed is highly recommended to control bruising and the swelling.

In the first 24 hours you should not read, watch TV or do any activity which may tire your eyes. You should rest your head in an elevated position in order to control the swelling.

Blurred vision, difficulties while closing the eyelid and changed sensation can be observed after the operation.

Wearing make-up should be avoided at least for 3 weeks in order to prevent any possibility of infection.

Alcohol consumption should be avoided for at least 3 days after the surgery; smoking should be refrained until you are completely recovered since it can interfere the healing process.

Heavy exercising should be avoided for 2 weeks. Sun exposure should be avoided for 6 weeks.

Results are permanent and visible right after the surgery.

Your eyelid surgery journey with Clinic Mono starts with an online consultation in which all your inquiries replied and your individualized treatment plan is created by our experienced surgeons and medical consultants. In order to initiate your journey and find out more about treatments and prices, please fill out the consultation form.