Eyelid Surgery in Turkey

With the advancement of your age and the effect of gravity, skin loosening, excesses and sagging occur on your upper and lower eyelids. However, there may be pits, especially with the protrusion of fatty tissues on your lower eyelids. Also, to causing a deterioration in your aesthetic appearance, this situation can prevent your vision by closing the front of your eyes with your drooping upper eyelids. Here, we recommend you the eyelid surgery procedure for such problems. You can have a perfect look with eyelid surgery in Turkey!

Am I a good candidate for eyelid surgery in Turkey?

Eyelid is generally applied to everyone aged 30 and over in Turkey. However, if your upper eyelid structure is familial too low or if you have significant fat accumulation on your lower eyelids, you may prefer this procedure at an early age. Again, if you have droopy eyelids and don’t have any physical health problems, you can have this surgery.

How is eyelid surgery done in Turkey?

Eyelid surgery in Turkey is done easily and conveniently. Before the aesthetic operation is applied to your eyelid; our surgeons evaluate your eyebrows, forehead, lower eyelid, and cheeks. The excess skin on your upper eyelid is removed during the operation, and the accumulations on your eyelid are eliminated. Also, during this procedure, your eyebrow edges are lifted. 

For your lower eyelids, the deteriorated cheek-lid relationship is corrected. The recovery oils on your lower eyelid are removed and carried over your cheeks. During the procedure, our surgeon moves your midface area upwards. If necessary, fat injections can be made to your cheek area or around the eyes, or different procedures can be recommended for fine wrinkles.

Why should I choose Turkey?

All of our surgical procedures in Turkey are performed by the world‘s most sought-after surgeons, members of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). You will be sure that you are in the best hands while receiving your treatments.

When you receive treatment in our clinic, you will have access to the best healthcare facility in Turkey. Our clinic has international accreditations for excellence and hygiene and has been extensively vetted by government departments.


Are the results of eyelid surgery permanent in Turkey?

Your aging is a process that continues after the eyelid surgery procedure. Because of this, your eyelids may change over the years. However, your eyelids will never return to their pre-operative shape.

Can I have eyelid surgery together with facelift surgery?

If you want a youthful appearance, you can easily combine your eyelid surgery with your facelift surgery.

Will there be visible scars after eyelid surgery?

Our surgeon will make small, hidden incisions from your eyelid lines that will not be visible after the procedure.

Do I have a risk of vision loss after eyelid surgery?

In no way, eyelid surgery has anything to do with vision.

Will eyelid surgery hurt my natural appearance?

Thanks to our experienced, talented surgeons and the advanced technology we use, your surgery results will be extremely natural.

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