Dental Porcelain Veneer İzmir

Porcelain veneer teeth are among the procedures successfully performed by many dental clinics in Izmir.

Thanks to this procedure, many individuals get rid of the problems they experience.

In general, porcelain veneer treatment emerges as a treatment technique preferred by individuals who attach importance to an aesthetic tooth appearance.

How is Porcelain Veneer Done?

How is porcelain veneers, which is the favorite of both dentists and individuals with its elegance and robust structure and quite often preferred, performed?

  • Before the procedure, the surface of the teeth is made completely clean with the help of a special tool.
  • The cleaned teeth are slightly rasped and thinned in order for the veneers to obtain a suitable appearance.
  • After thinning, the mold of the person’s teeth is made. Thanks to the mold, the shapes and sizes of the teeth will be adjusted individually.
  • Molds are delivered to the laboratory. Here, the veneers are prepared by the staff in about 14 days and delivered to the clinic.
  • At this stage of your porcelain veneer dental İzmir treatment process, Dental Screw Turkey you will not have to wait while your teeth are in that state. Because your dentist will make a temporary coating procedure so that you can eat and talk comfortably during that time.
  • After your veneers arrive at the clinic, your dentist will not stick them immediately. A rehearsal is done beforehand and a check is made for the suitability of the measurements. Incompatible veneers are forwarded to the laboratory for rearrangement.
  • If appropriate, your porcelain veneers are placed on your teeth with special adhesives used in the dentistry.

In Which Cases Is Porcelain Veneers Procedure Used?

Porcelain veneers cannot be performed in all cases. Veneers in Turkey In some cases, it can be performed and in some cases another treatment option may be recommended.

For this reason, Dental Implants in Turkey when you request a procedure, your dentist will first examine your oral tissues and check whether you have a suitable mouth structure for the procedure.

So, in which cases is porcelain veneers performed? These situations are:

  • Missing teeth
  • Mild or moderate crooked teeth
  • To repair the fracture in some broken teeth
  • Decay types that are not suitable to be treated with fillers
  • In order to provide smile design and get brighter teeth
  • It can be applied to obtain a white and beautiful looking bright color in yellowed teeth.

How Much Is Porcelain Tooth?

How much is the porcelain tooth, you can find out the best answer to the question after your dentist’s examination.

First of all, it is necessary to check whether your mouth structure is suitable for this procedure, and your dentist will talk about other treatment options if he does not find it suitable.

Afterwards, the price of the process will vary depending on your mouth structure, the current condition of your teeth, Dental Porcelain Veneer İzmir the purpose of the procedure, your expectations from the procedure and the type of porcelain veneer or other type of coating you want to use during the procedure.

When the path to be followed after the examination is decided, Dental Implant Turkey your dentist will answer your questions about the price.

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