What is Genital Darkening and What Are Its Causes?

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   Genital parts are the most sensitive parts of the body; any deformation or disorders of genital parts can be effective on the general mood and confidence of people.

   One of the most common problems with the genital parts is the changes and darkening of the skin colour in the area. This is a problem experienced especially by women, affecting their feminine energy and making them be nervous about the causes. The darkness of the genitals can look as if the area is not hygienic or diseased, even if this is not true.

   It is relieving to know that today’s cutting-edge technology and medical methods are effective in solving this problem and provide people with lighter and more healthy-looking genital parts.

   Before finding the best solution for the undesired darkening of genitals, the diagnosis of its causes is very important to be able to prevent any further discomfort and pick the best treatment.

Causes of genital darkening

   There are many factors which can cause genital darkening; while some of those are related to people’s daily habits, others are related to the changes in the body.

Friction: While the popularity of tight yoga pants is increasing every day, the biggest reason for the darkening of the genital parts is the friction caused by tight underwear and bottom clothes. The darkening is a result of the body protecting itself against friction.

Sweating and lack of ventilation: Other factors related to our daily habits are sweating and lack of ventilation in the area. These can be caused by the airtight material and tightness of the underwear and pants. Sweating can cause for infections and make the genitals darker; therefore, choosing healthy fabrics for bottom clothes and changing them frequently is important.

Shaving: Shaving frequently can also cause darkening; the growth cycle of the hair and razors can cause irritation in the area and result in darkening.

Hormonal changes: The colour pigment on our body, melanin, gets affected by the estrogen level; changes in the estrogen level during pregnancy, menopause or puberty can cause darkness in the genital parts.

Ageing: Aging can cause darkness not only in the genitals but also in other parts of the body; skin loses its elasticity and gets weaker as people age, and this can cause darkening of the skin.

How to prevent genital darkening?

   By taking some simple precautions, the genital darkening can be delayed. Right-bottom clothes can make a difference; wearing loose bottoms, choosing breathing fabrics and frequently changing the bottom clothes can delay the darkening of genitals and prevent infections. Right usage of shower products is also significant; soaps which do not disrupt the ideal pH level and do not contain harmful chemicals are more advisable by the professionals.

Genital darkening treatments

   Thanks to technological and medical improvements, there are many options for genital bleaching for those who would like to achieve a better and healthier look of their intimate parts; laser treatments are the most commonly opted procedures for genital darkening conditions today.

   Clinic Mono offers free online consultations for patients who would like to get more information about cosmetic procedures to improve the aesthetic and health of their genital areas; for further information, please visit https://clinicmono.com/genital-rejuvenation/ and do not forget to fill out the free consultation form.

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