What Is Blepharoplasty? Procedure and Recovery

   Blepharoplasty is a surgery performed for droopy eyelids; its purpose is to improve the appearance and provide a more youthful look.

   Droopy eyelid may cause a tired and aging look; due to some reasons like aging, genetic factors or certain diseases, the eyelid skin and tissues may get deformed and sag. This baggy look is often very uncomfortable for many people and make them look older than they are.

   Blepharoplasty is a delicate surgery; but then again it has a %90 success rate. It is a very demanded surgery by those who suffer from aging effects and would like to restore a youthful look.

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) procedure

   Eyelid surgery is for repairing both upper and lower eyelid deformities; it can be performed for 2 eyelids or for 4 eyelids.

   The procedure is performed under anesthesia. If it is for 4 eyelids, usually the upper eyelids are treated the first. Proper incisions are made either inside of the eyes or the natural lines of the eyelids and the excess skin, tissue and sometimes muscles are removed to the enough degree. The incisions are closed up by sutures.

   Blepharoplasty lasts around 2 hours when it is for 4 eyelids.

Aftercare period of eyelid surgery

   Although it is a delicate surgical process, with enough care and attention, the recovery period of blepharoplasty is very smooth and comfortable.

   The most common side effects are mild pain, swelling, blurry vision, sensitivity and bruising; however, these are all temporary side effects and disappear as the healing progresses. Your surgeon will prescribe you with the appropriate medication to support the healing and minimize the side effects.

   First week after the operation, patients are advised to rest their head in an elevated position and apply ice packs to the area to minimize the swelling.

   First 3 weeks after the operation, wearing contact lenses and make-up should be refrained.

Am I a suitable candidate for blepharoplasty?

   Patients who opt for blepharoplasty are usually over 35; however, if the deformity on the eyelids are caused by the genetic factors or certain other diseases, the operation can be performed for younger people as well.

   Overall good physical and mental health is important for having blepharoplasty. Patients should be accurately informed about the purpose of the surgery and should set their expectations realistically. An individualized treatment plan should be done in accordance to the medical condition and expectations of the patients.

   Results of blepharoplasty are permanent; this and the smooth recovery are highly effective on the popularity of the operation.

Eyelid surgery costs

   The cost of eyelid surgery is set in accordance the number of eyelids to be treated and the inclusiveness of the treatment packages; medical centers designs inclusive treatment packages to make the eyelid surgery journey easier for international patients and the quality of the services included in the package can affect the price.

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