Tips for Breast Augmentation Recovery

What Are the Types and Techniques of Breast Augmentation?

   The position and the size of the breasts are important for a confident posture; they intensify the feminine aura of a person. Therefore, breast surgeries are searched by the high number of female every day for the purpose of a restored appearance and confidence.

   While going through a breast procedure, it is essential to know about the options available in order to choose the most suitable one for yourself. When it comes to breast augmentation procedures, there are two main options you can go for; implants and fat transfer. They both have different advantages and disadvantages for people who have different expectations and different conditions.

Breast augmentation with fat transfer

   Fat transfer to breasts procedure requires liposuction; the required amount of fat is harvested through liposuction from areas which are convenient for fat retention such as abdomen, waist and back.

   The collected fat is purified and transferred back to the breasts to achieve the desired size. The transferring process requires talent and delicacy in order to obtain a balanced and aesthetic placement of the fat.

   The procedure is easy and safe; the results are very natural considering that the augmentation is supplied with patients own natural fat.

   Fat transfer to breasts is advisable for both augmentation and eliminate small irregularities.

Breast augmentation with implants

   Breast implants are mostly saline, silicone or silicone gel-filled materials made for breast augmentation procedures; they come in different sizes and shapes to be used in different conditions of breasts.

   Breast implant procedures have different techniques in terms of the place of the incisions and location of the implants.

   The incision for inserting the suitable implants may be underneath the breast (Inframammary), around the nipple (Peri-Areolar) or under the armpit (Transaxillary). The place of the incisions is important for the convenience of the surgery and the place of incision scars. The most suitable technique for your condition will be chosen by your plastic surgeon.

   Breast implants can be placed below the muscles and over the muscles; placing the implant below the muscles provides more a natural appearance while implants placed over the muscles provide a more comfortable recovery period. Over the muscle implants are not very advisable for women who have a little amount of natural breast tissue.

  Decisions on details like incision types, location of the implants, the size and the shape of the implants and the material of the implant should be made very carefully as all of them carry a certain amount of advantage and disadvantage.

Which one is better?

   Before a breast augmentation surgery, a detailed consultation process is very important in order to specify your expectations and current condition so that your surgeon can create a suitable individualized treatment plan. Fat transfer technique is more natural and carries less complication risk comparing to implant insertion; however, your own natural fat is very likely to be absorbed by your body as time goes by. Breast implant procedures are very developed and the side effects are quite minimized; if you are seeking for a more permanent solution, there is a high chance that your surgeon will advise you breast implants instead of fat transfer procedure.

   In Clinic Mono, all types and techniques of breast augmentation procedures are performed delicately; our experienced surgeons will inform you about the most suitable method for your condition. In order to get more information about breast augmentation and other procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us; our medical consultants are looking forward to meet you.


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