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Hip dips are one of the most trending topics in recent times. In this article, we will answer many questions, such as “what are hip dips?” and “how are hip dips treated?” Keep reading!

One of the most critical areas for women’s body proportion and aesthetics is definitely the hip area. There can always be uneasiness about the hip’s shape, size, width, and exact ratio with other body parts. In addition to these issues, another common concern is the appearance of gaps on the sides of the hips. These critical spaces on the sides of the hips are called hip dips. 

Hip dips can be a significant issue, especially when wearing dresses with swimsuits and bikinis. In recent years, the problem of hip dips has started to appear very often. In addition, hip dips can be described as a collapse that occurs at the beginning of the hip, a deformity that arises as a bottle image in the hip, and an issue that completely spoils the beauty of the hip. Hip dips are a developmental and structural problem, not a disease. They are wholly related to the structure of the hip joint.

Why Do Hip Dips Appear?

The hip joint is comprised of a large bone, the iliac bone. Just below the starting point of this bone, a pit appears due to the skin sticking to the bone. This pit can cause hip dips, a congenital condition that is not a disease. This problem does not affect everyone. Due to this problem, there will be no aesthetic transition in the hip area due to the hollowness of that area. A slim waist and a rounded hip are the looks that everyone desires. However, this image does not occur in women with hip dip problems due to the depression that occurs in these individuals.

How Are Hip Dips Treated?

There are a number of treatment options available for hip dips. The first step in addressing this issue is to strengthen the muscles in the affected area through targeted exercises. Another option is to reduce the fat around the pitted are, which can help to improve the appearance. While these methods can be effective, they do not provide a permanent solution. For those seeking a more long-lasting result, a surgical procedure may be a suitable option.

The surgeon uses your fat cells as your stored fat cells to correct contour problems in various places. The doctor generally takes fat from the oily area at the top and bottom of the pit. If you don’t have enough fat in this area, fat can also be removed from your waist area.

The fat injection procedure for the treatment of hip dips can be performed under local or general anesthesia. The process typically takes 1 to 2 hours. In summary, hip dips, which manifest themselves as cupping around the hip, can be easily treated. If you are not satisfied the appearance of your hip, you can reach the highly experienced surgeons contracted by Clinic Mono.

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