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In our current world, feeling insecure about your appearance is expected. Things like your weight or your body type can cause you sadness. You may feel unsure and unable to feel happy in your skin. This can especially be an issue if you have excess fat or loose skin around your stomach. A flat stomach is something that many people find attractive. So, you may want to look that way. In that case, tummy tuck surgery is an answer to your needs. With the current tummy tuck Turkey price, you can even afford such a surgery. This means that you will not have to hate how you look for once. If you want to learn more, continue reading this article. 

What is a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck in Turkey is a medical surgery. In it, surgeons remove excess fat and loose skin around your abdominal region. There are many reasons why you may choose to have this surgery. Most commonly, people who get it want to feel better about their appearance and to fix their body image. However, doctors do not recommend this surgery to everyone. 

If your medical past has some complications, this surgery may be complicated. Similarly, if you are overweight or smoke, it can lead to health complications. Also, if you plan to lose weight, doctors may ask you to wait for your surgery. Sometimes losing weight may solve your problems on its own. In that case, a tummy tuck may not be necessary. If you had any previous abdominal surgeries and have scars, that may also cause a problem. Since this is a complex surgery, listening to your doctor will help you. That way, you will be able to avoid any risks or complications. 

Before your surgery, you will need to meet with your doctor. In this meeting, they will ask you about your health history. Depending on the situation, they may suggest you some other treatment. They will also perform a physical exam. This means that your doctor will examine your abdominal region. Lastly, discussing your expectations from your tummy tuck would be best. Your doctor will tell you what is realistically possible and what is not. They will also give you advice and tell you about the whole surgery. You need to answer everything and follow their advice. 

Before your tummy tuck

As with any surgery, you must prepare before your tummy tuck surgery. Your doctor will tell you what to do and what to avoid. So, by following their advice, you can prevent any complications during the surgery. 

Your doctor will most likely need to know any medication you use. Some medications can cause difficulties in the procedure. So, they can suggest you stop using some. Furthermore, in some cases, your doctor may prescribe you medicine. Sometimes it is necessary to use medication that prevents blood clotting before the procedure.

Similarly, your doctor will ask you to avoid smoking for a few weeks. Things like herbs or supplements may also be out of the question. And last but not least, alcoholic beverages may cause issues. So, you may need to cut down on them.

After your tummy tuck

A tummy tuck is a problematic procedure. As a result, your recovery can be a long and challenging process. You must rely on someone for the first few days after your surgery. They must drive you home from the hospital and take care of you. Any physical movement may cause pain, so avoiding them is crucial. 

For the first six weeks post-surgery, you must be careful with how you move. You will have a wound from the procedure. Thus, moving around too much can cause it to reopen. During this time, you may need to wear an abdominal binder. With it, you will be able to do certain things more comfortably. 

Your doctor must see you multiple times after your tummy tuck surgery. They will do regular check-ups to see if everything is okay. They will also monitor your recovery and tell you how to go on. It will be essential to listen to them and follow their instructions. That way, you can see if your recovery goes well or not. 

Initially, after your surgery, your operated region may end up looking swollen. However, that only stays that way temporarily. After a while, you will notice the difference that happened with your surgery. And unless you gain a lot of weight suddenly, you will be able to maintain that look. 

How much is a tummy tuck in Turkey?

Usually, your insurance may not cover operations like tummy tucks. That can be devastating as it would end up being too expensive. However, there is a solution even for that. If a tummy tuck is too costly in your country, you can always do it elsewhere. 

In Turkey, you will see that you can afford a tummy tuck easily. And the surgeries here are top quality. Our medical team of professionals is very experienced. They will make sure that your procedure goes well and smoothly. You will be able to get a tummy tuck while feeling safe. 

We cannot say the exact price of a tummy tuck in Turkey because many factors change the price. The amount of weight you want to get rid of can significantly alter the final number. If you have any health complications, that will also change it. However, you can quickly learn the price. They will tell you everything after talking with your doctor and explaining your situation. What can you expect from this surgery, and how much will it cost? So, to learn the total price of your tummy tuck, contact us today. You can even arrange your first meeting soon.

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