The Most Popular Plastic Surgery of Today: Brazilian Butt Lift

In earlier ages, when the hourglass body form was achieved by tight waist corsets in case you do not have it in your genes, a Brazilian butt lift may have been a long away dream, but it is a vivid reality now!

It is all thanks to a Brazilian surgeon, Dr Ivo Pitanguy, who introduced the butt lift concept to the world in the 60s; when he first mentioned it, the technique was suggested only for more elevated buttocks but not for enhancement. Later on, as the technology and the medical techniques progressed, the prospect of enhanced buttocks was achieved through implants which were used for breast surgeries until buttock-special implants started to be produced. Today, a Brazilian butt lift is performed by using the natural fat from the body thanks to the advances of liposuction, allowing unwanted fat to be beneficial for a good aim.

Why is the Brazilian butt lift so popular?

Plastic surgery techniques advance in light of the world’s changing notion of ideal human aesthetics.

Brazilian butt lift is a multipurpose operation; what really highlights a big buttock is the contrast it makes with a slim waist. This defined hourglass shape is very rarely the natural form of the body, and it is quite a tiring and long-running process to achieve it through nutrition plans and exercise.

One of the biggest reasons why Brazilian butt lift is extremely demanded today is their ability to provide both a slim waist and voluminous buttocks in one surgery. The required amount of fat is collected from strategic areas of your body, which are usually the waist, tummy and lower back; depending on the needs of patients, some other areas like arms, upper back, thighs and double chin can also be added to the liposuction procedure. The collected fat is purified and prepared through some special processes for its new location in the body: the buttocks. The procedure requires talent, experience and knowledge in order to achieve the most satisfying results for your anatomic form.

Brazilian butt lift is a very revolutionary technique, especially when it is compared to the older technique of butt implants, which carries a high level of complication risk caused by the fact that it is a foreign substance and may not fit well in the body. Butt implants may slip and re-locate from where they are placed; this is not only an aesthetic problem, but it can also lead to some nerve and tissue damage.

All these advantages of the fat transfer to buttocks procedure are signs showing that it will preserve its popularity for a long time.

Am I a good candidate for the Brazilian butt lift surgery?

As well as the talent and experience of plastic surgeons, the suitability of the patient is very significant while planning a Brazilian butt lift surgery. Your medical history and your body mass index are to first things to check in a Brazilian butt lift consultation. It is not suitable to have surgery for people over a certain body mass index value due to the risks of complications and unsatisfactory results.

A Brazilian butt lift candidate should have realistic expectations; the extent of the surgery can achieve should be acknowledged accurately by the patients.

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