Small Breast Augmentation Surgery

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With small breast augmentation surgery, you can quickly achieve the look of your dreams. Get ready for a comfortable experience with small breast augmentation surgery at Mono Clinic!

Especially in women’s physique, breasts have an important place in terms of appearance and health. Your breast size is significant, from posture to arrival and even your psychological state. Therefore, a small breast augmentation procedure is at the beginning of the most applied operations of plastic surgery.

Small breast augmentation surgery is applied not only for pleasure but also for people whose breasts are deformed from birth, those whose breasts are removed due to cancer, and those whose breasts are deformed due to pregnancy. Breast augmentation surgery is performed to enlarge the small breasts, ensure the proportion between the two breasts, and create the most appropriate breast size according to body measurements.

How is Small Breast Augmentation Surgery Performed?

Small breast augmentation surgery is a procedure performed during a surgical operation. Although different methods are used to enlarge your breasts in this procedure, placing a prosthesis and silicone on your breasts is the most effective way. The steps of small breast augmentation surgery are as follows:

  • You will first receive general anaesthesia.
  • With the effect of anaesthesia, our surgeon makes incisions from your appropriate parts. These incisions are usually made under your arm or breast.
  • Silicone prostheses are placed through the opened incisions, and the incisions are stitched by shaping your fat tissues and breasts. This completes the procedure.

Considerations After Small Breast Augmentation Surgery

  • Small breast augmentation surgery takes approximately one hour, and a rapid recovery process is experienced. However, there are certain situations that you need to pay attention to for this process to take place quickly and healthily.
  • You will not feel any pain in the breast area for several hours after the procedure. –
  • It is essential in your recovery process to limit your movements for the first two days after the operation. During these two days, you must rest.
  • Activities such as sports, heavy lifting and lifting are strictly not recommended for a month after the procedure.
  • You may feel a little pain in the first two days after the operation. Even if there is no pain, the feeling of fullness in your breasts may bother you a little. However, there may be oedema in your breast tissues. All this is considered perfectly normal. 
  • After the operation, you should not lie on your face. The side-lying position is also not recommended as it can pressure your breasts.
  • After the operation, you should be careful and keep in touch with our surgeon.
  • You should definitely do the massages recommended by your doctor, be patient, and gradually increase your movements.

Small Breast Augmentation Surgery Costs in Turkey

Small breast augmentation surgery costs in Turkey vary according to the type of prosthesis, whether a breast lift will be performed or not, and your length of stay in the hospital. After your detailed examination, our surgeon will give you detailed information about the cost of small breast augmentation surgery in Turkey.

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