Rhinoplasty Swelling Stages

Rhinoplasty is a very successful cosmetic procedure which can achieve very impressive results with such complex part of the human body like nose; while many patients get their desired of the nose with this operation, the surgery of rhinoplasty is not the only important part of the whole medical process: though very comfortable, rhinoplasty recovery should be approached carefully and attentively.

When it comes to rhinoplasty recovery, one of the important things that concerns the patients is the swelling. Swelling after rhinoplasty is very natural and expected to happen as it is the natural reaction of the body to the surgery. Here are some details about rhinoplasty swelling stages.

Rhinoplasty swelling stages: What to expect

Swelling after rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most common points which concerns the patients; swelling does not occur at the same level in every patient and in every stage of the recovery. Here is some general information about rhinoplasty swelling stages; however, please remember the degree and duration of the swelling can change depending on the patients’ own body habits and skin type.

Rhinoplasty swelling stages: first week

During the first week of rhinoplasty recovery, the swelling is at the maximum level; at this stage, the swelling will hide the actual shape of the nose. Nose can look “fat” or the tip of nose may look too upward than you expect; this is all due to the swelling. In addition, during the first a few weeks, rest of the face may be swollen as well, especially around the eyes.

Rhinoplasty swelling stages: first month

When the first month of rhinoplasty recovery is reached, %80-90 of the swelling will be gone, most of the remaining swelling is likely to be on the tip. The first signs of final results start to appear at this stage.

Rhinoplasty swelling stages: first year

All the swelling subsides when first year after the surgery is completed; final results of rhinoplasty are achieved.

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