Revision Breast Aesthetics

Revision breast aesthetic is no longer challenging! With this procedure, you will be able to regain your lost self-confidence. How does? Keep reading!

Women may want to have a revision breast aesthetic due to several reasons. Breast implants aren’t permanent for life. There are many cases where complications occur that require revision surgery. In some patients, breast implants aren’t the reason for revision surgery. Some women may wish to have second breast surgery to reduce or increase the original breast implant size and change the shape, type, projection, or placement of the implants.

Reasons for Revision Breast Aesthetics

  • Tiny implants
  • Huge implants
  • Implants being too far apart
  • Implants are different from each other

Tiny implants

Everyone is aware that huge implants don’t look natural. However, many women may find that tiny implants also look fake. A breast implant of the right size adapts not only to the size of the breast but also to the rib cage. Implants that are too small may lie too straight and split. Replacing implants with a larger, natural size is a straightforward procedure that requires a short recovery time. After that, the results can be incredible!

Huge implants

Although it’s scarce, sometimes women may think that their implants are too big and want to buy small implants. This procedure is relatively easy, with little recovery time if you don’t have much sagging. If you have to sag, a breast lift may be necessary for a more attractive, feminine shape.

Implants being too far apart

It’s widespread for implants to be too far apart. An inexperienced and untrained surgeon often doesn’t have enough information to measure the chest wall and breast dimensions. This can lead to either choosing the wrong size implant or being too spaced. This is one of the most straightforward fixes and produces incredible image results.

Implants are different from each other

A small amount of asymmetry between your two breasts is average and expected. However, significant differences in position, size and shape aren’t a problem you can tackle yourself. The reason why revision surgery for breast asymmetry is so popular is that one implant is slightly larger than the other implant.

How Long After Breast Aesthetics Revision Can I Return To My Daily Life?

If you don’t do strenuous activities, you can return to your daily life after 3 to 4 days. Since everyone’s physical structure is different, the time may increase.

Is Revision Breast Aesthetic Painful?

Revision breast aesthetic isn’t as painful as the original breast augmentation surgery. Most patients can return to their normal lives within 24-48 hours by just taking some painkillers.

Will There Be Scars After Revision Breast Aesthetics?

No! Your surgeon can perform the surgery from old incisions in most cases without making a new incision. However, a breast lift is an exception to this. If you are going to have a breast lift, you may have new scars. However, your surgeon can show you a few photos of what the scars will look like before surgery.

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