Recovery Process of Penis Enlargement Techniques

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   Penis enlargement treatments have been giving satisfactory results for those who would like to achieve an increased size of their penis and better confidence and masculine energy. Since undesired penis size is a very common problem among men, medical techniques of cosmetic treatments for this problem are getting more improved day by day.

   There are many different surgical and non-surgical techniques available for penis enlargement procedures; while it is possible to perform the treatment by pubic liposuction, dermal fillers, vacuuming or over-the-counter products, the most effective and successful techniques have been found to be ligament transection and fat transfer to the penis.

   Both fat transfers to the penis via liposuction and ligament transection techniques are surgical and require enough care and attention during all phases of the operation. One of the most important points affecting the success rate of these operations is undoubtedly the recovery and aftercare process.

   Although both techniques usually have smooth recovery periods, there are a few things patients are advised to be careful with.

Recovery after fat transfer to penis procedure

   Fat transfer to penis operation mainly aims to increase the girth of the penis; however, the length can also increase by around 1-1,5 cm.

   The fat transfer technique requires a liposuction procedure beforehand to collect the necessary fat to be injected into the penis. The tummy and thighs are the most preferred areas to collect fat with liposuction in penis enlargement procedures; however, any area with unwanted fat deposits can be suitable for the operation. The harvested fat is prepared and injected into the penis in a way to increase the girth properly through a small incision in the base of the penis.

   The recovery period of fat transfer to the penis is very comfortable. Patients are advised to rest for 24 hours. Minimal bruising and pain can be experienced until up to 1-2 weeks. Heavy lifting, strenuous physical activities and sexual intercourse should be refrained for 2 weeks.

    Since this procedure requires liposuction, the extent of the liposuction can change the recovery timeline. It is also common for patients to combine their body contouring by liposuction procedure with penis enlargement.

Recovery after ligament transection procedure

   One-third of the penis length is concealed inside of the body; by suspensory ligament transection procedure, the length of the flaccid penis can be increased.

   Ligament transaction holds the penis close to the body, and with this operation, an increased length of the flaccid penis can be achieved.

   After the operation, patients should rest for 2 days before going back to work; the resting period can be longer depending on how demanding the work is in terms of physical activity. Bruising and swelling can last for 2 weeks. Heavy lifting, prolonged walking and standing up and strenuous activities should be refrained for 2 weeks.

   Patients can get back to their normal sexual activities and heavy exercises in 4-6 weeks. Final results can take 3-6 months to be achieved.

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