Tips for Breast Augmentation Recovery

Recovery Process After Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgeries are very well demand these days. There are two main types of the procedure; fat transfer and breast implants. Although fat transfer is a very convenient procedure, breast implants are preferred for their permanent and satisfactory results. Breast augmentation surgeries have a high rate of success; the success of a breast augmentation highly depends on the recovery process. Every type of breast augmentation requires certain after-care instructions, which should be approached very carefully in order to prevent any complications or disruptions with the results.

First a few weeks after a breast augmentation

İyileşme sürecinde ilk birkaç hafta en önemlisidir.

Right after the surgery, patients may experience the side effects of anaesthesia, sourness, pain and pressure on the chest. The anaesthesia effects will be gone in a few hours; however, the pain and discomfort may last longer, up to 1-2 weeks.

Patients are usually discharged from the hospital on the same day, but then again, your surgeon may advise you to stay at the hospital for a night as well. You will not be able to drive home; therefore, be sure you arrange for someone to take you where you stay.

Your surgeon will prescribe you the appropriate medications, including painkillers and antibiotics; these medications should be used as instructed by the surgeon in order to minimize the discomfort and side effects, support the healing and avoid any complications. You will be informed about how long you should use them as your medical consultants.

After the operation, you should wear a medical sports bra; normal bras are not effective and appropriate for supporting the chest area in the first weeks after the surgery. You will be provided with the right size of a medical sports bra to support your breasts and help them heal rapidly.

If the breast augmentation is done by fat transfer technique, your surgeon may advise you to use another garment for the liposuctioned areas depending on the extent of the liposuction.

The incision scars should be looked after carefully; the proper aftercare of the incision wounds is important for the risk of infection and the long-term appearance of the scar tissue.

After a week, your pain and discomfort will be decreased by a significant amount. Heavy physical activities should be refrained at this point; however, light activities and a smooth return to the daily routine are encouraged. Usually, it is possible to go back to work within 2-3 weeks; but then again, it totally depends on at which level your job requires physical activities.

Possible complications

There are many temporary side effects of breast augmentation procedures which can occur in any other surgical procedure, such as pain, infection, swelling or skin sensation. It is very normal to experience these after the surgery.

Complications which are usually more concerning for the patients are asymmetry and infection of the wounds. The incision scars may get infected after the surgery; it is a commonly experienced situation and is usually controlled with proper medications. However, if the infection continues after the estimated time, you should consult your surgeon about it. Asymmetry is also a common side effect and may be caused by the swelling of the breasts after the operation; in order to see the final results of your operation, you need to wait until the swelling is gone. If you still see the asymmetry in your breasts after you have completely recovered, you can consult your surgeon for possible solutions.

The recovery process is very essential for the health of the patient and final results; therefore, while making your decision on the medical centre where you will get your breast augmentation, be sure that their aftercare services are quality and adequate.

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