Recovery and Pain Management After Breast Augmentation

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The breast augmentation procedure is the most popular aesthetic procedure. As after any surgical operation, recovery and pain management after breast augmentation is also very important. It is quite normal to have some pain during the healing process after breast augmentation. Thanks to the right methods to deal with pain, these pains can be controlled in general. For the first few days after the procedure, you should use the medicines given by your doctor. In particular, you should heed your doctor’s instructions to control discomfort after the procedure.

Some surgeons may also recommend the use of pain injections for more comfort, rather than just pain relievers to fully control pain in the first few days after breast augmentation. If you are wondering about recovery and pain management after breast augmentation, read on!

Pain After Breast Augmentation

Pain after breast augmentation is perfectly normal. This pain generally occurs because the prosthesis is placed under the pectoral muscle. Pain is greatly reduced at the end of the first week after breast augmentation.

Another cause of pain is that the prosthesis creates tension on your surrounding tissues. When the breast prosthesis is placed under your breast tissue, the pain you will feel after the procedure is much less. For this, you should limit your shoulder and arm movements for a while. It is also normal for your breasts to be numb or hypersensitive after surgery.

After breast augmentation, you will generally stay in the hospital overnight. If the procedure is in the morning, you can be discharged the same day. After the operation, the doctor gives you a bra in the form of a corset. You should wear this bra for at least a month. You will be able to shower after your first dressing. It will be much more appropriate for you to rest the first week after the procedure. One week after the operation, oedema, pain, bruising and tension will disappear completely. After this process, you will be able to move more comfortably and return to your daily life.

Things To Consider After Breast Augmentation

The more problem-free and healthy your recovery process is after breast augmentation, the more successful the results. Here are the points you need to pay attention to:

  • It would help if you didn’t expose your tissues to stress before they are fully healed. This can create many different situations, such as the prosthesis shifting in directions you don’t want. For this reason, you should use the bra that the doctor will give you, avoid push-up bras completely, and take a break from heavy activities.
  • You should carefully follow your doctor’s recommendations in all aspects of your recovery process.
  • You should not prefer very hot water during the shower because hot water will increase oedema at a high rate.
  • You can do the movements your body allows. You can do simple daily chores in your daily life. If you feel pain during your movements, you should not force yourself. In short, your body determines your healing process.
  • You should avoid lifting heavy objects.
  • After your bandages are removed, you can massage your breast with a moisturizing cream.
  • You should avoid heavy sports for at least a few months after breast augmentation.
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