Recovery After Tummy Tuck: Does the Operation Leave a Scar?

   Tummy tuck is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries opted by those who would like to achieve a flatter abdominal area and a better body form. Recovery of tummy tuck can be seen as complicated at first however when true aftercare instructions are followed, it is actually very smooth.

   An important thing which concerns patients who would like to have a tummy tuck is the scar issue; many patients would like to achieve their dream body by having tummy tuck, however a possibility of a visible scar can be intimidating. Here are all the details about the tummy tuck recovery and scar.

Recovery after tummy tuck

   Tummy tuck is an invasive surgical procedure; the recovery after tummy tuck requires attention and care for a proper healing and avoiding complications which may affect your health and operation results badly.

   Resting is the key point; patients should rest for enough time and give their body the time to heal before getting back to their normal life. First 2 weeks are important for resting and therefore patients are advised to take 2 weeks off from work; if it is not possible, at least 1 week of resting is a must.

   Another important point about the recovery is the medical garment; medical garment should be obtained if not provided by the clinic and used for enough time as instructed by the surgeon. This garment is very effective on reducing the swelling; it eases the pain and discomfort as well.

   Patients should be careful with their physical activities until the recovery period is over; any position or activity which may strain the belly or increase the blood pressure should be avoided for at least a month.

Tummy tuck scar

   Tummy tuck is performed by removing out the excess skin which causes the saggy and layered look on abdominal part; the shape and the size of tummy tuck scar can vary depending on the technique and the extent of the operation, however scar is expected in every condition.

   Tummy tuck surgeries are planned for the individual’s condition and these plans also cover the shape and the location of the incision; depending on the specific condition of the patients, surgeons are usually able to make the incision under the bikini line so that it would be hidden after the operation.

   The extent of the surgery is very determinant on the tummy tuck scar’s size; for example, patients who had mini tummy tuck have a much smaller scar which is quite similar to C-section scar. On the other hand, patients who had extended tummy tuck usually have a much larger scar.

   The prominence of the scar is highly dependent on the recovery period as well. Though the scar is permanent, it can fade away to a very indistinct level. To achieve that, refraining from smoking, lotions with vitamin E and sunscreens are highly recommended during recovery process.

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