Recovery After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Following some rules in your recovery after breast augmentation surgery will help speed up this process. Breast augmentation surgery takes approximately 1 to 2 hours. Depending on your wishes, you can discharge from the hospital on the day of surgery or the next day. You should pay attention to some critical points immediately after leaving the hospital. These will help your healing process go smoothly. We have compiled detailed information about your recovery after breast augmentation surgery in this post. Keep reading!

The more problem-free and healthy you spend your recovery after breast augmentation surgery, the more successful the results will be. Here are the points you need to pay attention to:

  • You should not be subjected to stress before your tissues fully heal. Otherwise, your prosthesis may slide in unwanted directions and create a problematic situation. For this reason, it’s essential to use your supplied bra, avoid push-up bras and take a break from serious sports activities.
  • You should fully comply with your doctor’s recommendations in all aspects of your recovery process.
  • Don’t prefer boiling water while taking a bath, as hot water will increase your oedema.
  • There is no harm in doing the movements your body allows. After returning to your daily life, you can do simple daily chores. If you feel pain during your movements, you should not force yourself. Your body also determines your recovery process after breast augmentation.
  • After your bandages, you can massage your breasts with a moisturizing cream.
  • During your recovery period after breast augmentation surgery, you should avoid heavy sports for at least a month.

When Can You Return To Daily Life After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

After breast augmentation surgery, you can start doing your daily care work immediately. After the procedure, it will be enough to rest for 1-2 days. If you work at a desk job that doesn’t require heavy arm movement, you can return to work from the third day. 

You can shower from the 4th day. However, it would be best if you didn’t rub your breasts. You will wear a special bra the day after breast augmentation surgery. You should wear this for 1 month. After the procedure, you should stay away from regular sports for 1-2 weeks. One month after this surgery, you will easily do all kinds of work, movement, and sports. It will take 5 to 6 months for your breast to take its complete form.

When Can You Do Exercises After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

You can start walking 3 days after breast augmentation surgery, provided that you don’t use your arms too much. However, it would be best to wait about 1 month, especially for upper body movements and swimming. If you do breast massage 2-3 days after the surgery, the silicone will quickly adapt to your breast.

Use of Special Bra After Breast Augmentation Surgery

After your doctor takes your wrap, you will start using a special bra. This unique bra, which you should wear for a full day for 3 weeks and only during the day for the other 3 weeks, will support your treatment and the form of your breasts.

In conclusion, breast augmentation surgery is a unique procedure. You can have a comfortable surgery experience by choosing Mono Clinic.

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