Recovery After Blepharoplasty

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    Blepharoplasty is a very much demanded operation today for its successful results and easy procedure; many patients benefit from the advantages of this facial rejuvenation procedure for a more youthful look and more attractive glances.

   The eyes are the first part of the body to reflect an individual’s aura; therefore, any changes and deformations on the area around the eyes are very effective on the overall look of our face and, consequently, on our aura and self-esteem. With a %90 success rate, blepharoplasty operation is really able to make a difference for those suffering from ageing effects on their face.

   One of the most commonly discussed points about almost all facial rejuvenation procedures is the recovery process. While some facial rejuvenation procedures are non-surgical and there is no recovery period, after surgical ones, such as a facelift or eyelid surgery, there is a certain recovery period that must be taken seriously. Surgical procedures are very efficient in having life-changing results. Still, for the overall health of the patients and the success of the results, the approach to the recovery period and the correct aftercare practices are very determinant. With adequate attention and care, recovery from eyelid surgery becomes very easy and comfortable for patients.

Timeline of blepharoplasty

   In the first 24 hours after the surgery, it is natural to experience blurry vision, mild pain, numbness, swelling and sensitivity; activities which can tire your eyes should be refrained, like watching TV or reading. To control swelling and other side effects, the head should be rested in an elevated position; your surgeon may advise you to sleep with multiple pillows for the early recovery period. Ice pack application is also efficient in minimizing side effects and discomfort.

   By the end of your first week after the operation, it is still totally normal for swelling and sensitivity to still exist. In some cases, mild bruising may continue as well. To reduce the swelling, patients should keep using multiple pillows while resting and applying ice packs. Dehydration is important for quick healing; therefore, patients are advised to drink lots of water. Alcohol consumption should be avoided for the first week. Activities requiring high vision, such as driving, should be avoided during the first week as your vision can still be temporarily blurry.

   During 3-4 weeks after your blepharoplasty, you should avoid wearing make-up, contact lenses and sun exposure. Smoking should be refrained as it may extend the duration of full recovery. Heavy activities which may increase your blood pressure and swimming should be avoided.

Results of blepharoplasty

   Eyelid surgery results are visible when all the temporary side effects-especially swelling- disappear completely, which takes approximately 2-3 months. Results are permanent, and Many patients state that they are very satisfied with their overall eyelid surgery experience.

   In Clinic Mono, your eyelid surgery journey starts with an online consultation in which the knowledgeable and experienced medical consultants of Clinic Mono reply to all your inquiries, inform you about the all-inclusive and affordable package details and create an individualized eyelid surgery plan for your specific condition. If you would like to get further information on the blepharoplasty procedure, please visit and fill out the free consultation form.

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