Penis Enlargement in Turkey

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Penis enlargement in turkey

A sufficiently long penis increases a man’s self-confidence in a way that no other factor can. Doubtful providers, miracle pills, pumps and even risky interventions don’t lengthen the penis but worsen the situation. In this post, we have compiled the details about penis enlargement in Turkey for you; keep reading!

Thanks to modern plastic surgery with a surgical procedure, penis enlargement is possible today, provided that you are a trained surgeon. Otherwise, the desire to enlarge the penis may also unpleasantly fail. You should always keep in mind that surgical penis enlargement is effective, and you can get good results. 

However, if you choose the wrong surgeon for this procedure, it will be a medical intervention with associated risks. You, too, will achieve the look you desire with the penis enlargement in Turkey.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Penis Enlargement in Turkey?

Any man who doesn’t have an obstacle to surgical operation can apply for penis enlargement in Turkey. The penis, the male external genitalia, is functional both in the expulsion of urine and the realization of sexual intercourse. The structurally spongy penis has the feature of hardening when erect. In the penile organ, where there is a tiny problem in the excretion of urine, many issues may occur in fulfilling a sexual function. The thickness and length, especially the erection problem, are of great importance at this point. For the penis to achieve an erection, it must be of a specific size.

As a result of the developments in medicine in recent years, it’s possible to reach the ideal size of the penis with surgical methods. Any man over 18 can apply for the said surgical operation.

Penis Enlargement Procedure in Turkey

For the penis enlargement procedure in Turkey, you will be under general anaesthesia and in the operating room environment:

  • In penis enlargement surgery, which you apply for being functional enough during sexual intercourse, the surgeon will cut the ligament where your penis connects with the groin and remove some of it. This will lengthen the outer part of your penis.
  • In this surgery, the surgeon will make an incision in your groin area and remove the scar that will remain after the surgery with aesthetic methods. With this method, your penis grows by 2 to 4 cm.
  • The surgeon will straighten your ligament and inject the fat from your body into the penis.

The penis enlargement in Turkey generally takes 1 to 2 hours. So you will only stay in the hospital for one day. For your pain that may occur after the surgery, your surgeon will give you medications, and you will control the pain.

Things to Consider After Penis Enlargement

  • After penis enlargement, you should wait for your small wound to heal first. After resting for about a week, you should do stretching treatment in the morning and evening. This follow-up treatment is essential to maintain the result after penis enlargement.
  • You should avoid sexual intercourse for about a month. But other than that, you will have very few restrictions. In this process, you should not smoke, and you should prefer foods rich in vitamins.

By choosing Mono Clinic for penis enlargement in Turkey, you can benefit from the advantages and prices and get a comfortable procedure.

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