Nose Reshaping Turkey

Nose Reshaping Turkey

Many individuals complain about the structure of their nose. Sometimes this situation is seen as an aesthetic concern and sometimes as a complaint of some respiratory problems.

Some nasal curvature or upper arch problems that are genetically seen in different regions of our country can disturb people in many different ways.

In this case, people will need nose correction performed by a plastic surgeon.

Nose correction Turkey can be done without any scars with new techniques that are much more advanced than before.

During this process, it is not necessary to use a hammer or even a cutting tool as before.

Nose Reshaping İzmir

In the initial stage of the nose correction Izmir procedure, your nose will be photographed from many different angles.

In this way, your plastic surgeon will clearly show you what kind of nose you will have after the operation.

If you have a situation that you do not like or want to change, you should definitely inform your surgeon. Because you will have a new nose for the rest of your life and you should never hesitate about it.

If your requests are not found suitable or cannot be good for you, your surgeon will inform you about this. Apart from that, your surgeon acts depending on your wishes.

Nose Correction Istanbul

With the nose correction Istanbul technique, also called closed rhinoplasty, the arch section in your nose can be removed and fixed without using a cutting tool or a hammer.

  • With this technique, the problem of low nasal tip can also be corrected.
  • If there is a curvature problem in your nose, it can be corrected.
  • The problem of one of your nostrils (inner wall) being more closed than the other can be solved.
  • If you have a congestion problem, it can be removed during the procedure.

One of the best advantages of this technique is that there will be no scar on the tip of your nose.

During the procedure, an incision is made from the inside of the holes by entering your nostrils with very special tools.

  • The nasal ridge can be filed at this time, and then two small incisions are made on the upper part of the nose, right and left.
  • The cartilage tissues in the tip of the nose are rearranged.
  • Afterwards, supportive appliances are placed and support is provided for the new shape of the nose.
  • Thanks to the support, the shape of the nose can be directed. (such as curvature removal, nose tip lift)

For this reason, the scars will remain in your nostrils and all these problems can be treated in this way.

Nose Correction Prices

You may be wondering about nose correction prices regarding nose correction Turkey operations.

These operations are of more than one type and each has a different purpose and operating procedure.

At the same time, considering the individual structures of the individuals, even two individuals who receive the same procedure may not progress in the same way before, during and after the operation.

For this reason, it will not be correct to use a clear statement about the operation, even for the price.

After the necessary examinations are made before the operation, you can get information about the price by talking to your plastic surgeon.

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