Nose Correction Turkey

Nose Correction Turkey

Nose correction Turkey procedure is performed with closed rhinoplasty technique. This procedure, which was also performed with the open rhinoplasty technique in earlier times, is more preferred in the closed form because it does not leave scars and is easier to recover.

Rhinoplasty can be performed both to reduce and enlarge the nose. It is aimed to improve the ratio of the nose to the face aesthetically.

In addition, nose correction can be performed in addition to treatment in order to treat some existing health problems.

Nose Job İzmir

In the treatment of nose job İzmir, the three-dimensional image of your nose will be transferred to the computer environment first.

After this transfer, you can discuss with your doctor what you want your nose to look like after the procedure.

If you approve when your doctor shows you the most suitable result, a date is determined for your operation and you will be told how to prepare before the operation.

It is important that you follow pre-op instructions in terms of not having any problems in the process of the operation or having to be postponed.

Nose Job Istanbul

Rhinoplasty Istanbul operation generally takes 1 or 2 hours. The duration may differ depending on the problem experienced by the patient.

Afterwards, the wake-up procedure and your taking to the service will take place in order for the effect of general anesthesia to pass.

It is natural to have swelling on your face on the first day after the operation and you can feel like there is a heaviness on your face.

The process will be easier to overcome with the pain relief treatment given by your surgeon. You can spend this period more comfortably by taking into account your surgeon’s recommendations.

For example, cold compresses can be performed to the areas with swelling without pressing too much. By restricting salt consumption, edema can be prevented.

Nose Job Prices

One of the most commonly wondered situations about nose Job may be the issue of rhinoplasty prices.

Before the procedure, you should ask your doctor what kind of result you want to achieve and any situation you wonder about the procedure, as well as ask your doctor about the price of the procedure.

Since your doctor knows how the operation will progress and what should be done, you can only learn the most accurate price information from him.

For this reason, you should not hesitate to talk to your surgeon on any issue, including the price, and consult what you are curious about.

In the same way, when you suspect that there is a problem in the post-operative period, you should report the situation to your surgeon by coming directly to the clinic or communicating.

Nose Job Information

Rhinoplasty is an operation that you may want to get information about, and you may have many different questions and concerns in your mind.

You can call our clinic to get information and schedule your appointment.

All your questions and examinations will be completed by our experienced team.

The post-process is also planned with your surgeon at this stage, and after that, action is taken accordingly.

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