Tummy Tuck

How Much Tummy Tuck UK?

Tummy tuck operation is a relief for those who are uncomfortable with the layered look on their tummy skin; layered and saggy look on the tummy is a very common problem, especially for those who experienced major weight changes. While there are many factors leading for this uncomfortable look, tummy tuck is the best and only solution for it.

Here is some information about how much tummy tuck UK.

Tummy tuck prices in UK

Cosmetic surgery prices are often considered as expensive in UK and therefore patients commonly prefer treatment options in other countries like Turkey.

How much tummy tuck UK, is between £4,500 – £6,000; this treatment prices start from £2,500 in Turkey. The reasons of this huge difference is the economic conditions of the countries; clinics in Turkey are able to set much affordable prices due to the low cost of labor and cheaper medical expenses.

What is included in tummy tuck prices?

Another aspect about how much tummy tuck UK and Turkey costs is the pre-operation and post-operation process; prices in UK does not include any consultations or check-ups. However, in Turkey, tummy tuck treatments are ideally designed for the international patients by including every single detail into the package price, like accommodation, meals, transfers, medications, personal assistant, hospital fees, pre-op consultations and post-op check-ups.

In conclusion, how much tummy tuck UK differs a lot from the prices of clinics in Turkey and that is the biggest motivation of international patients to prefer travelling Turkey for their tummy tuck treatments. Clinic Mono receives high number of tummy tuck patients from UK and proud to offer them the best results along with exclusive medical experiences. Please contact us and get more information about the details of how much tummy tuck UK and why Turkey offers more privileged treatments.

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