How Can Rhinoplasty Help Your Stuffy Nose?

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Nose aesthetic, also known as Rhinoplasty in general, is a preferred surgical procedure to change the nose’s appearance completely. However, contrary to popular belief, Rhinoplasty, which patients popularly prefer, isn’t performed for cosmetic purposes in all cases.

Many patients may need this procedure because they have breathing problems that seriously affect their quality of life. Therefore, the operations performed are called functional Rhinoplasty, unlike cosmetic Rhinoplasty.

How Does Rhinoplasty Help With Nasal Congestion?

The nose plays a critical role in the sense of smell. In addition, the nose is a vital organ for our body that can perform different kinds of functions. One of the general functions of the nose is to be an essential part of the respiratory system that we need for our survival. The nose contains tiny hairs that filter all the air that can enter the body and completely purify it from foreign particles along with dirt. However, due to breathing, the nasal passages can generally become blocked for one reason or another. Thus, breathing through the nose becomes difficult or, in some cases, impossible.

One of the most common causes of nasal congestion is the common cold. Usually, however, this will take a few weeks at the most. Other causes of nasal congestion may be much longer-lasting or, in some cases, permanent. For such cases, a rhinoplasty Turkey surgeon is needed. Another fairly common cause of nasal congestion is a nasty condition called a deviated septum.

The septum is a critical piece of cartilage that separates the left nostril from the right nostril. The septum may be misaligned, crooked, or off-centre in some cases. Also, nasal congestion with a sinus infection may result in nosebleeds and headaches in some cases.

How Does Rhinoplasty for Nasal Congestion Work?

The surgeon may prefer a certain type of lower Rhinoplasty, called Septoplasty, to completely correct the septum and completely open the blocked nasal passages. Another major cause of nasal congestion is the enlargement of the turbinates, known as the three bone shelves located in the outer wall of the nasal cavity. These will help to moisten, filter and warm the air when breathing seriously. More commonly, the lower and middle ones can develop a condition called internal air pockets, causing them to swell and completely block the airways. Not all turbinates can be removed because of an important task, but the Rhinoplasty procedure can be preferred for partial turbinate reduction. This procedure provides a very significant improvement in breathing.

Along with all these, nasal polyps can also cause breathing difficulties. Polyps are known as benign tissue growths that can occur in the nasal cavities along with the sinuses, causing nasal congestion, loss of smell, and nasal discharge problems. Although the symptoms of this problem are similar to the common cold, the symptoms are permanent. Without treatment, this problem doesn’t go away. Small polyps can be treated with medication. However, larger polyps may require a Rhinoplasty procedure.

These functional Rhinoplasty techniques can typically be performed without changing the shape of the nose when necessary. Patients will generally have both functional repairs and cosmetic adjustments made simultaneously because a bad-looking nose can also be the leading cause of respiratory problems. What is clear is that seeing an experienced surgeon for nasal congestion will always yield the most effective results possible for both the function and appearance of the nose.

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