Healing Process After Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty corrects the deformities in your nose and treats your problems, such as nasal concha. This procedure, which you will prefer for your health and aesthetic appearance, comes in two forms, closed and open. In the Closed Rhinoplasty procedure, your recovery period is much shorter, while the recovery period after the Open Rhinoplasty procedure is slightly longer. There are some rules that you should pay attention to after both procedures. If you follow these rules, your healing process will be much faster, and the success rate of Rhinoplasty will increase. If you are considering the Rhinoplasty procedure but are wondering about the healing process, keep reading!

The recovery process after Rhinoplasty isn’t accelerated by external intervention and medications. Rhinoplasty recovery is a long process. You have to be patient with this. Rhinoplasty recovery can generally take from six months to two years.

You may have swelling around your nose and eyes after Rhinoplasty. After Rhinoplasty, you can apply ice around your eyes for 10 minutes for the first few days. This helps reduce swelling. The swelling around your nose starts to go down after the first few high levels after Rhinoplasty. There is no significant oedema one week after the procedure, and your swelling will be greatly reduced. It may take seven months to one year if you have thin skin for oedema in your nose to disappear completely and your nose to take its final shape. However, if your skin is thick, this process may take a little longer.

Things To Consider After Rhinoplasty

  • You should rest in a cool environment and use a high pillow, especially during the first few days after Rhinoplasty. Keeping your head slightly elevated while lying down will be beneficial until oedema in your face area disappears completely.
  • You can apply ice packs over your eyes for a few minutes every hour for two days, including the first day after the procedure. There should be no direct contact between the tool you will use for the ice compress and your skin.
  • You should avoid laughing excessively for 5 to 7 days.
  • According to your doctor’s advice, you can take a shower without touching your nose area from the second day after the procedure.
  • Excessive humidity and sweating may cause the bandage on your nose to come off. For this, you should avoid heat and humidity.
  • After removing the bandage on your nose, you can easily apply makeup.
  • You should not do heavy exercises for a while, as it may increase the blood pressure in your nose and cause bleeding.
  • Smoking can cause bleeding, swelling, infection and delayed wound healing.
  • You should not wear glasses for 2-3 months after Rhinoplasty.
  • Depending on the structure of the nose skin and the operation, you should be protected from sunlight for a few months after Rhinoplasty. For this purpose, it is very important to use high protection factor sunscreens or a hat.

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