Hair Transplant for Women

Did you know that there is a hair transplant for women? It would not be an exaggeration to say that you will have much thicker hair with a hair transplant for women. A hair transplant for women’s hair loss is life-saving! Here are the details of the hair transplant procedure for women!

In recent years, women have started to prefer the hair transplant procedure for women popularly. The hair loss problem is a significant problem that occurs quite a lot in women and men. You apply many different cosmetic products to quickly stop hair loss, which may occur for many different reasons. If your hair loss continues continuously, an opening occurs in the upper part of your head. 

If your hair is constantly falling out and, as a result, a gap appears on the top of your head, it is time to have a hair transplant procedure. Cosmetic products that you will use after your hair has fallen out will not grow hair in any way. Hair transplants in Turkey can be performed successfully in women as well as in men.

According to many different studies, the success rate of hair transplant for hair loss, especially in women, is as high as in men. However, although hair loss in women is similar to that in men, it is actually completely different. Therefore, a hair transplant procedure specific to women should be performed. Especially in women with alopecia, a hair transplant can be 99% successful if performed by an experienced team. At Mono Clinic, there is a special team that performs hair transplants for women’s hair loss.

Hair Transplant Differences in Women and Men

Hair loss in women typically occurs in the mid and front lines. In women, the hair in the area between the two ears doesn’t generally fall out, and partial thinning is experienced instead of complete shedding. In women, the surgeon performs the first hair wash after the hair transplant procedure. In the following days, you should wash it yourself at home as described by the surgeon. After a few weeks, the shock-shedding process begins. After this process, your hair starts to grow slowly and becomes stronger.

However, the causes of hair loss in women may also develop due to anaemia or goitre, unlike in men. In such cases, a hair transplant will be useless without medical intervention.

Procedure for Hair Transplant in Women

Hair transplant for women is generally done with the FUE hair transplant technique. This procedure, performed under local anaesthesia, is extremely painless. In the FUE hair transplant procedure, the surgeon collects your hair from your nape and transfers it to your balding area one by one. Thus, you can achieve a more aesthetic and natural appearance. You can go back to your home right after the hair transplant for women. 

This procedure, which can take 6 to 9 hours, generally ends in a single session. On the third day after the procedure, the surgeon washes your hair. In the first week, there may be swelling in your forehead and redness in your nape area. These situations are perfectly normal. These side effects disappear over time, and you can return to your work life in an average of one week.

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