Gynecomastia: Breast Surgery in Men

The problem of Gynecomastia affects many people. During puberty, your breast tissue will grow with the effect of the extra weight you will gain, and this can often cause you to lose self-confidence. The most critical factor for Gynecomastia is the decrease in your testosterone and estrogen ratios. When your estrogen hormone increases, your breast tissue grows. This causes the Gynecomastia problem to occur. This surgery or breast surgery in men is the most effective solution for the treatment of this problem. If you are suffering from a Gynecomastia problem, keep reading!

How is Gynecomastia Diagnosed?

If you have Gynecomastia, your breasts are more fleshy, voluminous and rounded in terms of fatty tissue, like a woman’s breast. It isn’t a muscular and sporty muscle image. If your breast type is round and soft, if your nipple is very visible on the shirt, you have a Gynecomastia problem. In this case, doing sports or losing weight generally doesn’t provide a solution. For this, breast surgery intervention is essential for men.

In Which Situations is Gynecomastia Surgery Performed in Males?

Gynecomastia surgery is used when it isn’t possible to treat the problem with medication or other methods. With the direct excision technique used during the surgery, your breast tissue is removed from its place.

This surgical intervention is called mastectomy. In the mastectomy procedure, endoscopic methods are generally used in the first place. Before your breast tissue is removed, imaging is performed with a camera inserted through a small incision, and then your breast tissue is removed. General or local anaesthesia can be used during the surgery, depending on your condition. If the factor causing gynecomastia in your mammary glands, then your mass causing swelling is removed with a semicircular incision made under your breast.

Am I A Suitable Candidate for Gynecomastia?

For Gynecomastia surgery to be performed, your condition must not be improved by methods other than surgery. This surgery is seen as the only solution in cases that make you feel depressed, take a long time and cannot be answered even though the treatment is tried.

For this surgery, your age and body development must be completed. This procedure isn’t recommended for you if you have just completed puberty and your testicle size hasn’t fully reached adult testicular size. This is because your development isn’t fully realized, and the probability of recurrence is high. If you have completed your development, which is considered sufficient, and you don’t have a condition that prevents surgical intervention, the decision for surgery can be made.

How is Gynecomastia Performed?

  • Gynecomastia surgery is generally performed with the liposuction method. This procedure is done under anaesthesia.
  • Incisions are made on the sides of your chest and near your armpits.
  • Liposuction cannulas are placed through your incisions towards your breasts.
  • With the reverse pressure or vacuum feature of the liposuction device, your excess fat tissues are evacuated.
  • When your excess fat is removed, your breasts, remaining fat tissues, and breast shape are revised.
  • When the procedures are completed, your incisions are stitched, and your surgery is completed.

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