Genital Darkening: What Are the Causes and Treatments

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   Genital darkening may seem like a very small problem, but today, the number of patients inquiring about genital cosmetic procedures is actually very high. This problem makes many patients uncomfortable; while it is a problem also for men, the majority of the patients who suffer from genital darkening are women. The undesired and unaesthetic look of the genitals decreases women’s feminine energy and self-confidence.

   The good news is; genital rejuvenation procedures are to restore not only the shape but also the colour. There are several ways to achieve a lighter colour, healthier and more clean look on the genitals.

   However, before finding out the best suitable treatment for yourself, the causes and level of the darkening in the area should be identified.

What are the causes of genital darkening?

   There are numerous factors affecting the colour of the genitals; these can be the daily activities and habits or the natural functioning of the body.

   Sweating, friction and inadequate ventilation of the genitals are the major factors behind the darkening of the area. These usually occur because of the airtight fabrics of the clothes we choose to wear as bottoms and the tightness of the clothes and underwear. Darkening of the genitals is a result of the body trying to protect itself against friction or infections and bacteria caused by inadequate ventilation and sweating.

   Shaving is another daily habit which can cause darkening when it is done frequently; hair growth and razor blade can cause irritation and therefore darkening in the area. Chemical shaving lotions and soaps, which affect the pH level of the area, are also leading to deformities and dark colours of the area.

   One of the biggest reasons for genital darkening is the changes in the body; hormonal changes are very effective on the general health of the genitals. During pregnancy, puberty or menopause, women can go through major hormonal changes, mostly in their estrogen levels. Changing the estrogen levels can cause a darkening of the genitals.

   The problem can also be experienced after the usage of certain medications, which can lead to changes in the hormonal levels or ageing; ageing can be the cause of genital darkening, just as it can be the cause of the skin darkening on other parts of the area.

Precautions for genital darkening

   There are many different treatment ways to improve the appearance of genital parts; however, for patients who would like to take some precautions before needing any medical procedure for this problem, there are some simple points they can be careful with.

   Since friction is the major cause of the problem, clothes and underwear which can cause friction should be avoided; loose and comfortable pants should be preferred instead of tight bottoms.

   The products used for the hygiene of the area should be selected carefully; more natural and fragrance-free products are better for the health of the genitals.

Treatments for genital darkening

   Laser treatments to improve the darkened look of the genitals are getting popular day by day; these procedures are safe and satisfactory as long as they are performed by a professional.

   To get more information about non-surgical and surgical genital rejuvenation procedures, please do not hesitate to visit and fill out the free consultation form; experienced medical consultants will contact you immediately to reply to your questions and to get you a free consultation from the talented cosmetic surgeons of Clinic Mono.

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