Genital Bleaching Procedure and Recovery

   The number of people who would like to restore their feminine and masculine energy with a cosmetic procedure to achieve a better self-confidence is increasing day by day. Genital rejuvenation procedures come first for this purpose; genital rejuvenation procedures can also restore the masculine energy; however, majority of them aims to restore the feminine energy.

   While the discomfort with genitals can happen in various ways; the surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation procedures are able to be the cure for almost every type of problem. The latest technological advances and medical advances have contributed a lot to genital rejuvenation procedures; procedures have become much more successful, painless and comfortable.

   One of the most common problems about the intimate areas is darkening; genital darkening can appear due to many reasons and make people uncomfortable about their genital parts. Therefore, the non-surgical genital bleaching procedures have become one of the cosmetic trends today.

What are the causes of genital darkening?

   Genital darkening can occur due to many reasons; the biggest one is friction. Friction can be caused by tight bottom clothes which are actually very popular today. Body defenses itself against friction and darkening occurs as a result. One other factor is sweating which is also mainly caused by tight bottoms or airtight fabrics. This type of clothes can block the ventilation of genitals and cause for low hygiene from sweating and infection; and consequently darkening occurs.

   Genital darkening can also occur as a result of hormonal imbalances; estrogen hormone has a significant effect on the genital health and appearance of the area. During periods like pregnancy, menopause or puberty, estrogen level can change significantly and therefore these periods are when the genital darkening is mostly experienced.

   While some of the reasons of genital darkening are preventable with little and easy precautions, the others are not very easy to prevent; however, genital darkening can be treated successfully regardless of the reason.

Genital bleaching procedures

   First of all, everybody who is interested in the genital bleaching treatments should acknowledge that this procedure does not aim to make the area “white” but aims to achieve a lighter color, the original color of the genitals before darkening occurred.

   The most common treatment for genital bleaching is laser treatments; laser genital bleaching is performed by using cutting-edge technological laser in the area to lighten dark color of the upper layer of the skin caused by melanin cells. The procedure is painless; genital area is numbed in a suitable way your doctor chooses beforehand. It takes around 10-15 minutes and requires no recovery period afterwards although patients are advised to be careful with their genital hygiene.

   Unlike the over-the-counter products which claims to remove genital darkening completely but not able to provide any successful results, laser bleaching gives permanent and very effective results. After one session, usually the majority of the darkness goes away; however, in some cases, patients may need extra sessions to get more desired results.

   All genital rejuvenation procedures in Clinic Mono are planned individually for the specific condition and expectations of the patients; for further information on the procedures, please click

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