Genital Bleaching Procedure and Recovery

   Cosmetic procedures can be a life-changing attempt for many people. While the target range of cosmetic procedures is very wide, the most common reason for people to opt for these procedures is to renew the masculine or feminine energy; though people live with their own unique aura, they are also highly affected from masculine and feminine energies. These energies are necessary for a reinforced confidence.

   The cosmetic procedures most related to masculine or feminine energy are undoubtedly genital rejuvenation procedures; any unwanted condition of genital parts can be very effective on people’s overall mental condition. Surgical and non-surgical types of genital rejuvenation procedures have been found very successful repairing the undesired shape and color of the genitals. These procedures are available for men, too; however, they are mostly opted by women.

   One of the problems about genital parts which causes discomfort is genital darkening; this problem is mostly experienced by women and there several reasons and treatment options for it.

Causes of genital darkening

   Causes of genital darkening can be related to the daily habits or the changes on the body.

   The most common cause related to the daily habits is friction; with the popularity of tight yoga pants, darkening conditions related to friction got higher in number. Tight bottom clothes cause friction and body’s natural response to protect itself results with darkening of the area.

   Lack of ventilation in the genital areas is another cause related to daily habits; it can again be caused by tight clothes as well as airtight fabrics and exercising which make people sweat. Sweating and lack of ventilation decreases the hygiene in genitals and cause darkening.

   Hormones are very effective on the appearance and general condition of genital parts; major changes on the hormones are another cause for genital darkening, especially the changes on estrogen hormone. The imbalance of estrogen hormone during puberty, pregnancy or menopause can result with genital darkening.

   Body goes through lots of changes while aging; this covers darkness of the genital skin, too. Actually, darkening of skin with aging can be seen in many other parts of the body and it is very common.

Genital bleaching procedures and recovery

   There are many products promising to repair genital darkening conditions; however, for those who would like to solve this problem permanently, the best solution is laser genital bleaching treatments.

   On the contrary to common belief, bleaching procedures are not for obtaining a white color of genitals but to achieve lighter and healthier color in the area, just like the original color before it got darkened.

   The laser devices to perform this surgery are very high technology today; therefore, the procedure is very successful and safe when performed by professionals.

   During the procedure, the area is numbed with suitable technique and the laser is performed on the surface where the darkening occurs; it helps the melanin layer of the genital skin to achieve a lighter color. The procedure requires no healing period; patients can get back to their daily life right after the treatment. Final results may take 1-2 months to appear in some cases and during this period, patients may observe peeling of the skin in the area which is completely normal.

   One session of laser genital bleaching is usually very satisfactory for patients; however, some patients may want to have multiple sessions to achieve better results for their condition.

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