Elite Cosmetic Surgery Turkey Nose Job

What is a nose job?

With advancing technology in the medical field, having access to medical surgeries is easier than ever. This is also the case for cosmetic surgeries. Cosmetic surgeries include any type of medical intervention that is not necessary for the health of the individual. Instead, these surgeries are performed for cosmetic reasons. One of the most popular cosmetic surgeries is rhinoplasties, also known as “nose jobs”. During this cosmetic surgery, the nose shape and/or length is altered so it fits the face of the individual. Many people get this surgery because they do not like the appearance of their noses and want to get a prettier nose. However, this surgery can also be performed to increase the quality of breathing. 

When it comes to any kind of cosmetic surgery, it is an undeniable fact that Turkey is one of the few countries that offers very excellent service. Turkey is famous for providing cosmetic surgeries, both to its own citizens and people who live abroad. Many people travel to Turkey just to get cosmetic surgery. So, it is clear that those who want to get rhinoplasty can access this service at Elite Cosmetic Surgery Turkey Nose Job

Why is Turkey so popular for cosmetic surgeries?

Turkey is a country that provides healthcare for its citizens and is very popular for the excellent and talented doctors their universities raise. Healthcare is a service that anyone can access, and some hospitals even cover cosmetic surgeries. 

Apart from that, people who live abroad mostly choose Turkey, both because the doctors are very experienced and also because cosmetic surgery is very accessible. Since there are so many hospitals that provide this service, the costs are below average in contrast to many other countries. The currency of Turkey plays a big role in this matter since it is easily accessible to foreign people.

Overall, Turkey is a fitting place for those who are thinking about getting cosmetic surgery in a safe country that hosts many experienced surgeons. All hospitals in Turkey are supervised by the Official Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. This means that every health procedure is done within the knowledge of the state, and illegal actions do not take place. This is very important for clients, especially for those who plan on travelling from another country.

Are rhinoplasties – nose jobs – dangerous?

Generally, rhinoplasties are not dangerous and do not cause any harm to the patient. The general health state of the patient is closely examined before any procedure takes place. Since cosmetic surgeries include anaesthesia, the patient has to be in general good health conditions. It is known that anaesthesia can harm people who have serious health conditions, such as heart problems, liver conditions, stage cancer, etc. Thus, the patient has to be very transparent about their health background and tell the doctor everything about their past health conditions.

Patients who use certain medications, smoke, or drink might have to give up these habits before surgery. It is known that certain medications – especially blood-thinning medication – are not safe to use before surgery. This is also the case for smoking and drinking since these actions might slow down the healing process and cause general problems during the nose job process. 

What to Expect from Elite Cosmetic Surgery Turkey Nose Job

Once the doctor has determined that the patient is in good health condition to undergo cosmetic surgery, the nose for the patient is designed. Every person has a different face shape; thus, the nose that would fit them the best differs. Many patients love the idea of having a very small nose; however, this might not be suitable for their face at all. In cases like this, it is best to let the doctor and their medical team handle the construction of the new nose. 

After the construction of the new nose, the surgery process begins. The nose job procedure does not only cover the surgery itself. Patients have to prepare themselves for surgery two weeks prior to the surgery date. The most important thing is to take some time off work to let the nose heal properly. It is important for patients to arrange that so they do not have any difficulty after the surgery.

Apart from that, they must quit smoking and drinking for at least a month. Similarly, they should change their daily routines so it fits their healing period. This means that they cannot participate in any physical activities. 

After Surgery

After the Elite Cosmetic Surgery Turkey Nose Job, it is very likely that the area will be swollen. Doctors recommend using a cold press around the nose and the eyes to minimize the swelling. Furthermore, patients will not be able to breathe properly for some time, so they should be ready for that struggle. The doctor will put tampons in the nose to absorb the blood and other bodily fluids in the nose. It might be necessary to change the tampons after the surgery to avoid any form of toxic shock. 

Patients need to be aware that even though rhinoplasty is not dangerous, they still have to do everything right in order to prevent any complications. After the surgery, patients have to take proper care of their new noses to achieve the look they dream of. In case of any damage to the newly constructed nose, they might harm their nose greatly and inflict damage that cannot be reversed.

Thus, it is very important for the patient to take great care of their new nose and avoid anything that could potentially damage it. The nose will be very fragile for a few weeks after surgery. Patients should not forget that rhinoplasty is a surgical process that takes around one month and is not finished just during the surgery itself. As long as patients pay attention after the surgery, there should not be any complications at all. 

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