Choosing Bra After Breast Augmentation

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Choosing a bra is essential after breast augmentation. Choosing the bra after breast augmentation surgery directly affects the procedure’s success. This post will give you detailed information about choosing a bra after breast augmentation. Keep reading!

After breast augmentation surgery, surgeons generally recommend wearing a sports bra, or non-wired bra, for 1 month. The bra you will wear should not put pressure on your breast tissue. Your bra should also not put any pressure on your seams. Padded and high-pressure bras can cause the silicone prosthesis on your breasts to shift. In addition, using this type of bra for a long time may cause tissue loss or crushing of your breast tissue by pressing on your breast tissue, as well as causing symmetry in your breasts.

How To Choose A Bra After Breast Augmentation?

Although surgeons’ experience is a significant factor for the success of aesthetic breast operations, it’s also a decisive criterion that you act by the directives of our specialists after the procedure. After aesthetic breast surgeries, you should not do intense sports, don’t lift weights, protect your breasts from impacts and pay attention to the choice of bra.

If you don’t choose your bra correctly after the breast procedure, there may be too much pressure on your sutured skin areas, and it may be difficult for the breast prostheses to be in the correct position. For this reason, after the procedures, you should choose the most suitable bra for you in line with your surgeon’s recommendations.

After breast augmentation, doctors will inform you about what kind of bra you should wear. The features of the bra you will wear for the first month after the process are also essential. At this stage, you should consider alternatives to bras that offer adequate support despite being non-wired. You can wear surgical bras with a firming feature to prevent swelling, redness and oedema in your breasts, day or night after the procedure.

Even one month after breast augmentation, your breasts can maintain their sensitivity. Therefore, you have to wait a little longer to switch to traditional bras. At this stage of your recovery process, it would be a much better choice to continue using a non-wired bra. Using bras with a soft texture and breathable fabric is much more beneficial to prevent itching. If you prefer to use underwire bras, you should stay away from padded models. As your breasts continue to heal, padded bras may cause displacement of your breast prostheses. 

You can switch to traditional bras with your surgeon’s approval 1 or 2 months after breast augmentation. In this period, when post-operative complaints are over and your breasts start to take their final shape, you will be able to choose bras suitable for new breast sizes.

Is It Necessary To Wear A Bra After Breast Augmentation?

After breast augmentation surgery, you should use a bra to protect your breasts and balance the position of breast prostheses. Your healing process with the right bra will allow you to have more regular breasts.

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