Can Women Have Hair Transplant?

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Hair loss is one of the most common problems for people nowadays.Unfortunately we hear that many people suffer from hair reduction and baldness. It is a problem for both men and women which not effects the appeareance but also the psychology of the patients. When its considered that women care physical apperance more than men, the pshycological effect on women can be much more. We can say that there are many different reasons behind the hair loss and it vary according to the gender and person. Heredity, medical conditions and age can be the reason behind the hair loss which men have to face with.

Hopefully, Hair Transplant method which has lots of tecniques gives excellent results. It helps you to get your healthy hair back. Patients who get hair transplant done start to feel much more better due to their apperance gives them satisfaction from the result of the method. They become more confident in the social environment and they start to play active role at the society. As it is mentioned before, hair loss is not a problem just for men but also for women and therefore Hair Transplant method is not a solution for men only but also for women. “Can women have hair transplant, too?” Of course! If you are woman and suffer from hair loss, you can be the suitable canditate for Hair Transplantation procedure as well. At first step, it is really important to find the exact reason of your concern. Your genetic predisposition, medical and surgical history, your age, stress, pregnancy, menapause, hormone leves can be the one of the reason of your hair loss. As well as to find the reason is important, the patient’s expectation is important, too. In some tecniques, the hair does not need to be shaved totally. For some of the patients it can be a problem. Therefore FUT tecnique can be the best treatment plan for you because of the fact that it is not neccessary to shave the whole concerned area. We provide more than 10 procedure to help your hair loss problem. The methods give very successful results for women according to the researchs and treatments done. If you have hair loss problem and unhappy with the situation, you can start your Hair Transplantation journey.

According to your expectations and your concerns, our Hair Transplant Specialist will examine your health check form and pictures, based on both you will be provided with the best treatment plan for you. Besides all, we have very affordable prices and we provide many services which include in the package details such as maximum graft numbers ,4nights accomodation at cozy Mono Villa or 5starred hotel, 24/7 English speaking host, all in-city and airport transfers, 1 year follow up, washing and check-up session, medical shampoos for our patients.
As Monoplant Hair Clinic, we are ready to define and diagnose potential causes of your hair loss and provide the best treatment plan for you. Let’s contact with us and our medical consultants will provide  personilized treatment plan for you. You will get unique treatment plan because you are unique!

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