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In buttock aesthetics, the ideal butt image is characterized by a lack of prominence in the hips, with a slight outward protrusion and a lean back and waist curve. The objective is to create a buttock image that is perfectly suited to your body.

The popularity of buttock aesthetics among women has increased significantly in recent times. Buttock aesthetics enhance the tone, shape, contour, and size of the underlying textures. Before the treatment, the surgeon determines your condition and plans your treatment during the consultation. Then the method is selected according to your needs and aesthetic expectations. Let’s take a closer look at what buttock aesthetics methods are:

Fat Injection

The buttock shaping method with fat injection into the hip is a necessary aesthetic procedure that is commonly applied. The procedure is relatively short, straightforward to perform, and produces impressive results, which are among the reasons it is so popular. The liposuction method is particularly effective for reducing the size of the back, waist, and hip areas while also improving the aesthetic transition to the hip area. This will result in a much more rounded and narrow appearance for your hips. Thanks to the liposuction procedure, your stem cell-containing fat is injected into your butt without any damage. In the same session, your butt is permanently brought to a protruding appearance. After the operation, patients may experience mild discomfort, which can be alleviated promptly with analgesics.

Buttock Prosthesis

Buttock prostheses or silicone prostheses can also be preferred for butt lift and enlargement. After the operation, a scar may remain in the middle of your hip and between the folds. The healing process is slightly longer and more painful than the fat injection procedure.

Butt Lift

A butt lift or stretching operation is recommended for individuals whp have experienced sagging buttocks as a result of rapid weight loss or advancing age. If necessary, excess skin is removed during the procedure, after which and the filling process is performed. This operation is performed under general anaesthesia. You can return to your normal daily activities two weeks after the procedure.


What Is a Brazilian Butt?

There has been a growing demand from consumers fro a more voluminous, rounded, and pronounced buttocks. This type of buttock enhancement procedure is known as a Brazilian butt lift.


Does Butt Enlarge with Fat Injection?

It is possible to enhance the appearance of the hips through injection of specific fats, which can be removed without causing any damage using the liposuction method. This procedure has been shown to produce positive results.

Is It Possible to Shrink My Hip?

It is possible to reduce the volume of your hips to a certain extent through liposuction and surgical procedures.

Do the Used Silicone Prostheses Need to Be Renewed After a Certain Period?

The typical lifespan of prostheses is between seven and ten years. The lifespan of the prosthesis may vary depending on the quality of the prosthesis selected and the manner of its use. If these become deformed over time, they must be renewed.

Will There Be Any Scars After Butt Aesthetics?

It is important to note that a scar will remain after butt lift surgery. If you prefer a fat injection or prosthesis,  the scars will not be obvious since the application will be made in an invisible area. However, a little more scarring may occur after the butt lift or stretching procedure, but these traces will also fade over time.

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