Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast augmentation is done with the help of silicone-containing prostheses produced for this purpose. Silicone prostheses are placed on or under your breasts, and for this, incisions are made from three different areas. Incisions can be made in the armpit, around the nipple, or in the crease just below the breast. It is the most preferred incision made under the breast.

It is expected that you will experience pain after breast augmentation under your muscles. Pain will be significantly reduced at the end of the first week after surgery. Although the breast prosthesis creates tension in your surrounding tissues, it is another important cause of pain.

Your hospital stay after breast augmentation is only one night. If your procedure is done in the morning, you can even be discharged the same day. After the surgery, you will be dressed in a bra in the form of a corset. It is helpful to use this bra for about a month.

You can take a shower after your first dressing. It will be very convenient for you to spend the first week resting. One week after breast augmentation, symptoms such as pain, tension, discomfort, and oedema disappear. Since the sutures used during the surgery are dissolvable stitches, there is no need to take stitches.

You can drive and start walking one week after the breast augmentation procedure. However, heavy exercises and activities that require strength should be avoided.

Considerations After Breast Augmentation

The smoother and healthier your recovery process after breast augmentation is, the more successful the results will be. Here are the points you need to pay attention to:

  • You should return to your social life as soon as possible. Resting for a long time after the procedure will delay recovery. For this reason, you should maintain your social life, provided that you follow your doctor’s recommendations.
  • From time to time, apply ice compresses to your breast. Ice compress also prevents swelling as it will prevent oedema in the related area. Oedema is a vital defence mechanism of your body. This situation is never permanent. Swelling may occur for the first few days and then subsides.
  • Use the medicines given to you regularly. In particular, using your oedema-reducing drugs for two weeks is greatly beneficial. These are pain relievers given with your antibiotic. These drugs both relieve your pain instantly and have oedema-reducing effects.
  • It would help if you didn’t neglect to use the bra given by your doctor for one month after breast augmentation. In this way, your wounds will not be difficult to heal.
  • Don’t bathe in boiling water during the first week in the bathroom because hot water increases oedema and delays your wound healing.
  • Avoid lifting heavy items. Movements that force your arm and chest muscles excessively can cause damage. Such activities can create a kind of trauma to your chest area.
  • You should avoid heavy sports for the first month after the procedure and prevent sauna for two months. Especially while doing arm sports, the wounds may be traumatized in the first month in the silicone area because it is still fresh. For these reasons, you should not do heavy sports in the first month. You can take short walks. Hot environments such as saunas, solariums and baths cause oedema in the tissues in the healing process.

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