Botox for Men (Brotox)

Brotox is a Botox treatment for men. It has recently become one of the most popular aesthetic applications worldwide. Botox for men differs from Botox applied to women. Botox treatment is planned more precisely according to men’s muscle structure and strength.

Wrinkles on your face not only make you look old, but they can also make you look tired, tired, sad and worried. Many men will have to resort to plastic surgery to get rid of ageing on their faces because they are delayed in first aid. However, with the Brotox procedure you will apply in the early period, your need for surgery in advanced ages may be eliminated.

How Does Botox (Brotox) for Men Work?

It’s essential to understand how Botox works. Botox is a chemical that is very effective in relaxing the muscles. Mainly to prevent wrinkles, the doctor applies it to the target areas of your face (forehead lines and wrinkles in the area between the eyes and eyebrows). Injections are virtually painless and only take a few minutes to complete. Within a few days after Botox treatment, your muscles will slowly relax. It takes full effect within a few weeks.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate for Brotox?

The Brotox procedure is suitable for any man between 18 and 65 who wants to avoid the signs of ageing and whose expression lines are starting to become evident. With the Botox procedure for men, you will have the chance to delay the effects of ageing on your face in the medium and long term.

Brotox Procedure

During Botox for men, our doctor uses local anaesthetic creams. Our doctor applies the injection method with ideal doses to your areas to be numb within an average of 5 to 10 minutes. Anaesthetic cream is often not needed. The procedure is extremely painless and mild. You can resume normal activities after the process ends in 10-15 minutes.

What are the Differences Between Brotox and Botox?

Brotox is somewhat different from the standard Botox procedure. The doctor applies the application points based on natural appearance and thicker skin in this procedure. Brotox is suitable for areas such as the roots of the hair, between the eyebrows and edges, and around the eyes and neck. This procedure, common among men, is applied by the doctor at the ideal dose and at the right points. In addition to being a quick and easy application, it gives you a more dynamic look with light touches without spoiling your natural look.

Advice for Before and After Brotox

  • As with all Botox procedures, if you are using blood thinners before the Botox for men, you should stop one week before the procedure. It would be best to cut back on substances that can dilute your blood, such as green tea, Omega 3 and vitamin E. 
  • You should not play with your face for a day after Brotox, and you should stay away from heavy exercise and sports. Activities such as sauna and massage are also activities you should not do after the treatment. In addition to all these, you should not go out to direct sunlight and prefer foods rich in vitamins.

You can also apply the Brotox procedure to look dynamic and young. For this, you can contact us immediately.

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