Tummy Tuck

3 Things That Will Improve in Your Life After Tummy Tuck

   The undesired form of the tummy is disturbing for many people regardless of gender, race or age causing them to feel insecure out their body. This condition is very common and can be caused by weight changes, pregnancy or aging. Gladly, tummy tuck is a very successful operation giving very satisfactory and permanent results thanks to the medical developments, talented surgeons and advanced technology. Here are the 3 things that will improve in the life of patients who had tummy tuck.

The body form

   Tummy tuck is not a weight loss surgery as opposed to what many people think; however, it has still a huge effect on the body form. When the skin loses its elasticity by aging or stretches caused by the excessive weight or pregnancy, naturally it sags after weight loss or after pregnancy is over. This saggy look prevents people to enjoy their body form even if they lost a great amount of weight. Tummy tuck will not make you lose weight but it will contour your body, flatten your belly and highlight your curves. Plus, it is the only permanent solution for this condition.


   It is a known fact that the main aim of cosmetic surgery is to make people feel better about their body; people who are not happy with a certain part of their body are very prone to lose their confidence and feel depressed. Patients who were very uncomfortable with their saggy skin around the belly state that after they had tummy tuck, they started to feel much better about themselves; their confidence has been restored and it is much more enjoyable to wear tight clothes or swimwear they like. A successful tummy tuck operation can change more things in your life than your appearance.

Motivation to adopt a healthy lifestyle

   Although, the surgical and recovery processes are very smooth today thanks to the latest technology and improvements of the medical science, tummy tuck is still a surgical procedure which requires enough qualification, care and attention from both the surgeon and the patients. After going through all the processes and achieve the final results, you will have much more motivation to eat healthy food, exercise more and control your weight changes; a healthy lifestyle is very essential after having tummy tuck in order to prevent from going back to the old saggy condition of the tummy. And after spending certain amount of time and money on this operation to achieve a better body form, we promise you will be much careful about your general health; not only to preserve the results of your tummy but to take better care of your full body.

   Clinic Mono provides its patients with all-inclusive tummy tuck treatment packages.

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