Before and After Processes of Tummy Tuck

   Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is an operation for those who would like to achieve a flatter abdominal area. Tummy is very prone to get affected from the changes on our body; major weight changes, pregnancy or aging can cause tummy skin to get loosened and sag. Tummy tuck procedures are very successful on providing patients with a more desired tummy area.

   As in every cosmetic procedure, there are some essential points patients should know about the before and after processes of the operation.

Important points to acknowledge before having tummy tuck

   Before deciding on the operation, patients should be fully informed about the purpose and abilities of the operation; this is an important point because tummy tuck is often misunderstood as being a weight loss surgery which is completely incorrect.

  Like some other surgical procedures which aim to contour the body, tummy tuck is also commonly considered to be weight loss surgery; but actually, tummy tuck cannot make patients lose weight and not a suitable operation for patients over a certain BMI value. Tummy tuck aims to fix the tummy skin and muscles; therefore, it is suitable for people who are done with their weight loss process. This operation is often preferred by patients who had a bariatric surgery before and completed their weight loss period or patients who suffer from saggy skin and weak muscles because of childbirth. Tummy tuck is very commonly performed for mommy makeover surgeries.

   Tummy tuck has different types like mini tummy tuck, extended tummy tuck or lipoabdominoplasty; these different types can be suitable for patients with different conditions and usually the main difference between them is the length of the incision. With a quality consultation process, your cosmetic surgeon should examine your current medical condition, medical history and expectations from this procedure to decide on the proper technique.

After the operation: Aftercare and Results

   Aftercare process of tummy tuck is very significant for a proper and healthy healing; the procedure is invasive and requires enough care and attention during recovery to achieve the healthiest and most successful results.

   Right size of medical garment should be used as instructed by your surgeon; this garment has a very positive effect on the healing and it reduces the discomfort caused by certain side effects like swelling.

   Patients should rest for the first two weeks to support healing; it is strongly recommended to get 1 or 2 weeks off from work depending on the physical activity level of the work. Heavy activities and lifting should be refrained during this period. Also, any position that may strain your abdominal area should be refrained at least for a month, to avoid any complications about the incision.

   Tummy tuck provides patients with permanent results; but then again patients are advised to adopt a healthy lifestyle after the operation and control their weight changes since major changes can cause tummy skin to sag again. This operation is not suitable for those who would like to get pregnant in the future as the results would get disrupted in that case.

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