Are Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Results are Permanent?

After the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) procedure, the fat cells transferred to your buttocks and not melted in any way will be permanent for years. However, your weight gain and loss will affect your buttocks appearance somewhat. For this reason, it is very important to control your weight after Brazilian butt lift. To achieve a proportional body, the shape of your buttocks is an important factor along with the proportion. With this effective process called Brazilian butt lift procedure, we can use special fat transfer methods to achieve a much fuller and rounder buttocks contour.

The Brazilian butt lift is a popular aesthetic procedure that involves fat transfer to help create even more fullness in your butt area. Brazilian buttock is a special fat transfer procedure that highly increases the size and shape of your buttocks without silicone. With liposuction, excess fat is removed from your waist, hips, thighs or abdomen. Some of this fat is then re-injected into your butt. With the BBL procedure, the proportions of your entire lower body can be improved. Brazilian butt lift gives you the following advantages:

  • It greatly improves the curves of your lower body.
  • It shapes the body by reducing the fat in your hips or abdomen while adding a high level of fullness to your hips.
  • It helps your clothes to suit your body in a much more attractive way.
  • If you have flat buttock, butt projection gains a younger and aesthetically pleasing shape.
  • It helps to re-establish the balance between your lower and upper body.

Who is Suitable for Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift can be a great option for restoring the size and shape of your buttocks. In general, you are a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift if you have the following characteristics:

  • If you want a buttocks augmentation operation without a prosthesis
  • If your buttocks don’t have excessive sagging
  • If you have enough fat in other body parts for fat ejection to your butt

How To Do Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian butt lift procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia. The bbl Turkey is done in three basic steps:

First, with liposuction, fat is removed from your hips, waist, thighs, abdomen or other parts. Liposuction is the most effective method as it causes minimal damage to your fat tissues. Then your extracted oils are purified and prepared for transfer. Our surgeon injects fat into certain areas to increase the butt volume and give your butt the desired shape. All of the transferred oils will not stay in the given area, but some will melt.

Is Brazilian Butt Lift Risky?

During the application of the preferred methods to make your buttocks aesthetically pleasing, no life-threatening intervention will be applied. During the preparation period before the procedure, any situation that may endanger your life and cause permanent damage is evaluated and compliance checks are made. Therefore, the Brazilian butt lift procedure isn’t risky at all. The biggest risk of this procedure is infections that may occur due to your hygiene problem. As long as you pay attention to hygiene, the risk of infection will be greatly reduced.

Is There Any Scar After Brazilian Butt Lift?

Since the sutures preferred for the Brazilian butt lift procedure are specially produced, there will be as few scars as possible after the procedure. Since today’s new techniques are extremely advanced, the small traces left after the procedure can be removed with a small operation.

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