Why is Hair Transplant So Popular?

   Hair loss is an important problem, worldwide effecting people in terms of their social activity and self-esteem; while there are many reasons for hair loss conditions to occur, there are also very effective treatment techniques today. Hair transplant is the most demanded hair restoration treatment with its convenient progress and effective results. So, what are the factors contributing to this success?

Advanced techniques

   Hair transplant techniques have advanced to a very significant degree today, with the improvements on the technology and medical science. Advancements on hair transplant techniques have enabled the treatment to obtain much accurate and desired results with much easier process. The procedure does not use any artificial substances and only benefit from the patient’s own hair from patient’s donor area; this way the results are inseparably natural. Since the hair taken from the donor area is resistant to the cause of hair loss, it will maintain its characteristics and will not shed in the new place too. Life-long and natural results are the biggest reasons of hair transplants popularity.

Comfortable recovery period

   Although the procedure itself lasts rather long, recovery of hair transplant is quite quick; with the newest technique of FUE, there is no scar tissue, no incisions or stitches involved in the procedure. Therefore, the procedure and the recovery have become very comfortable and painless. Patients are able to get back to their daily routines in a day. Most of the side effects like itchiness, swelling and little wounds disappear in the first week. Post-op instructions are quite easy and effective. The convenience of the recovery process attracts people to the operation.

Practices all around the world

   With the growing demand, also the number of hair transplant practices has increased all around the world; today it is possible to find a hair transplant center in every part of the world. Actually, hair transplant has been a subject of medical tourism; many people travel other countries to find the best option for themselves.

Cheap prices

   It is true that hair transplant is not famous for its affordable prices everywhere; in some places like Europe, UK or USA, hair transplants are quite expensive. However, hair loss patients from these places commonly benefit from the advantages of having their treatments in other countries where the treatments are much cheaper and very high-quality, like Turkey. Turkey has been the most popular destination with the quality results achieved by the latest techniques, very affordable all-inclusive prices and easily accessible location from everywhere around the world.

New hair, new life

   Hair loss is more than just being an aesthetic problem for many people; seeing something that you are not happy about your body affects self-esteem, social life and person’s inner energy closely. Hair transplant patients often talk about the operation as being life-changing; after the final results are achieved, people gain back their self-confidence and thus have a better social life and personal aura.

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