When to Get Hair Transplant ?

When to Get Hair Transplant ? Whenever you have a hair transplantation, you will get more efficient results? When is the best time to have a hair transplant? Although we do hair transplantation in every period of the year in hair transplantation centers, our hair transplantation procedures are more intense in some periods.

Care after hair transplantation is the most important issue for hair transplantation. There are some rules and care after hair transplantation. The better those who have hair transplantation follow these rules, the better results they will get in hair transplantation results. Therefore, it is very important for those who have hair transplantation or who plan to have it, to choose the period in which they can spare time for their hair after hair transplantation.

When to Get Hair Transplant

The first thing you should pay attention to in hair transplantation is to protect yourself from extreme heat. We do not recommend extremely hot weather for hair transplantation. However, since our country is never too hot, we can say that people living in our country actually have a hair transplant all year round with peace of mind. But if you live in the Arabian Peninsula, our first and most important warning is that you do not go out in the first 15 days after the hair transplant.

Unfortunately, we do not recommend you to apply intense sports programs after hair transplantation. If you are interested in heavy sports, we recommend that you choose the period when you can take a break from sports.