Stem cell hair transplant UK processes are the patient’s stem cells used. In this hair transplant method, which has the newest and most efficient results, minimal pain and rapid recovery are observed.

With its high healing and rejuvenating potential, stem cell hair transplant has become a preferred option for people who want to protect against hair loss or regain their self-confidence by preventing hair loss. The injected stem cells activate the dead or damaged hair follicles, helping hair growth and eliminating hair loss for men and women.

How is Stem Cell Hair Transplantation Performed?

During hair transplantation with stem cells, a sufficient amount of fat is taken from the area with excess fatty tissue. With this fat, stem cells are separated from each other. Fat tissues are generally taken from the abdomen. But most of the time, it can be taken from the scalp. If a tissue is to be removed from the scalp, this is done under local anesthesia. Experts give local anesthesia to the patient, and adipose tissue is removed from it within a certain period of time. Adipose tissue is combined with stem cells in a specific laboratory environment. With local anesthesia applied to the scalp, stem cells are injected into the spilled areas. This process must be done in a hygienic environment. In this way, the person’s transactions are carried out more healthily. The products used for stem cell hair tranpslant UK should be highly developed products.

Hair transplant devices are used in America and England with the latest technological products. 

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