Stomach Reduction Turkey


Stomach Reduction Turkey

Stomach reduction in Turkey specialists with years of experience in action
Stomach reduction in turkey
Surgical interventions are described with stomach reduction, with which severe obesity is to be reduced. This generally reduces the volume of the stomach. Experience indicates that the symptoms associated with being overweight, such as high blood pressure and increased blood lipid levels, can be normalized. Surgery to treat this obesity is often an option if other methods fail to reduce weight. Special clinics in Turkey are characterized by the fact that the operations are not only of the highest quality, but also that the costs of a stomach reduction are significantly lower than in UK.

A stomach reduction is a medical intervention against pathological obesity and the resulting illnesses. In order to reduce weight, the stomach is surgically made smaller. The aim is to reduce food intake in this way in order to provide the body with less superfluous food. The various surgical methods can now all be carried out with minimal risk.

Stomach Reduction Surgery in Turkey

This procedure has a long tradition in Turkey. However, before a stomach reduction is performed, certain requirements must be met. This includes a body mass index (BMI) of over 40kg / m² for men and between 35 and 40kg / m² for rough ones. Because of their weight, those affected already suffer from diseases such as diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, etc.

Get Slim Surgery in Turkey

There are different types of intervention. In Turkey, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and gastric band variants have prevailed. All the methods mentioned are performed under general anesthesia and the so-called keyhole technique, which no longer requires large abdominal incisions. As a non-operative variant, gastric botox receives a lot of attention, especially from spontaneously determined people.

How much stomach reduction surgery cost in Turkey?












£8,000 to £15,000

















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Sustainable dream figure only in connection with physical activity
Gastric surgery can cause the patient to lose considerable weight. Within two years, the various obesity surgical interventions can lead to the patient’s ideal figure.

Stomach Reduction Surgery in Turkey Of course, the result ultimately always depends on the patient’s motivation. The specialists in Turkey not only point out during the detailed preliminary discussion that the procedure must be actively supported by the patient. Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey That’s why they give him an individual nutrition plan on the flight home. In combination with physical activity, the chances of success on the desired figure will increase.

The bigger the intervention, the more effective it is. At the same time, however, the possible complications increase. Stomach reduction is not a trivial procedure and some patients gain weight again. Finally, even a small stomach can be tricked with high-calorie porridge and liquids.


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    Mono has provided me with accommodation, a personal assistant, transfers and simply everything I need! I had a gastric sleeve there 2 months ago and already lost a great amount of weight which is so exciting!

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    14 June 2021 at 23:03

    The reason I had the surgery was because I was thinking about my family. I have two small children. It was very difficult for me to do any activity with them and I wanted to see them grow. I had to do something to fix this situation. I started by contacting Mono Obesity Surgery. They helped me make the right decision by guiding me in the right direction. I highly recommend Mono to those seeking the best weight loss results and attentive team at every step of their journey.

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    14 June 2021 at 23:12

    For many years, I tried to lose weight with different diets. But I was never successful. After I stopped the diet, my weight and high blood pressure came back. I had my gastric sleeve surgery at Mono Obesity Clinic. I had a really smooth course after my surgery. I highly recommend Mono and its team of outstanding professionals.

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    14 June 2021 at 23:14

    I did a lot of research while looking for a solution to my obesity that is preventing me from living my life. Surgery was not an easy decision for me. However, Mono Clinic staff helped me make this decision by honestly explaining all the risks and success rates. I would like to thank the Mono Obesity Clinic’s medical team who performed this gastric sleeve that changed my life, and their staff who helped me in every way.

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    I have struggled with my excess weight since childhood. I was worried about my health. I decided to come to Mono Obesity Clinic for evaluation. He was one of the warmest doctors I’ve ever met. I felt incredibly well prepared for the pre and post-surgery. After the surgery, I no longer wake up every day with back pain and I no longer have sleep apnea.

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    I lost 64 kg with gastric bypass! The operation was so smooth, only a little discomfort but I could very comfortably be back at work the next week. I didn’t experience hair loss like many people say. It’s my first year after the operation and I am very happy that I chose Mono for doing this.

  • Candace

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    My gastric sleeve surgery was 1 year ago and I had it with Mono obesity clinic with recommendation of a friend; my first reason to go to Turkey for a weight loss surgery was the unbelievably cheap prices, but also I become a whole new person thanks to the high talent of mono obesity surgeon.

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    I cannot believe that I lost 65 kg so quickly and healthily; I regret not having gastric sleeve operation sooner and Mono made it extremely easy for me. Thanks!

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    Gastric botox procedure I had at Mono obesity surgery clinic has helped me to lose 25 kg! But I was very careful with the post-op instructions and the nutrition plan their professional nutritionist prepared for me. The procedure is very effective and comfortable.

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    Mono clinic’s weight loss procedure was like a lovely and well-organized holiday in a very amazing country; I recommend everybody who is looking for a weight loss procedure to contact amazing Mono team and have their operations in the best and most professional hands.

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