Stomach Botox Reviews


Stomach Botox Reviews

Stomach botox is a new method that has been used in the fight against excess weight recently. Thanks to this innovative application, the patient has the advantage of being able to diet more easily with the decrease of hunger.

Gastric botox reviews

Today, many people want to lose weight to have a more aesthetic appearance and a healthy and fit body. However, the number of those who cannot restrain their appetite and therefore cannot reach their ideal weight is considerably high. Well, what should we do for our overweight that we can never get rid of? Developments in health and medical aesthetics have revealed a brand new operation technique that has come to rescue those who cannot diet in recent years: stomach botox.

Stomach botox for weight loss reviews

After the stomach botox procedure, patients should be very careful about their nutrition. Patients start feeding 2-3 hours after the stomach botox procedure, but you should start with liquid foods. Patients should feed with liquid for the first three days after the procedure. In the following days, it is necessary to start feeding with protein-based foods as main and snacks. While protein foods leave the stomach in 4 hours, this period may take up to 12 hours for people who have had stomach botox.

Gastric botox before and after

Proteins are difficult to digest. Therefore, stomach passage is slow, and because they have fat-burning properties, they increase the effect of stomach botox during weight loss. Patients should focus on liquid and vegetable consumption after stomach botox. Especially in the first four months, they should consume a lot of fluid.

Stomach Botox Reviews
Stomach Botox Reviews

These drinks; can be water, unsweetened tea, herbal tea, soup. Sugary foods should not be consumed as sugar will reduce the effect of botox. Harmful foods such as acidic and fast food should not be consumed because they remain in the stomach for a long time and cause stomach diseases such as ulcers and gastritis. Patients should not consume foods with excessive fat and carbohydrate content. Patients should not consume carbonated and carbonated beverages such as cola, soda, mineral water. Avoid fruit juices with high acidity.

Gastric botox price

Gastric botox being one of the most affordable weight loss treatment can be offered in different prices depending on several factors; please contact us to find more about the cheapest gastric botox prices.

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