Stomach Botox for Weight Loss

Stomach Botox for Weight Loss


Stomach botox is one of the non-surgical weight loss methods. Overweight people who cannot lose weight with diets or exercises can opt for stomach botox. In stomach botox, doctors inject a toxin into the patient’s stomach muscles. Thus, the patient feels the need to eat less food. Therefore, stomach botox for weight loss is a useful method.

Gastric Botox


Gastric botox is not surgery. With the endoscopic method, doctors inject the toxin into the patient’s abdomen. Therefore, it is a suitable method for patients with fear of surgery. Stomach botox operation is not a process that takes as long as surgery.

Gastric Botox Injection for Weight Loss


Gastric botox reduces the contractions in the patient’s abdomen. Thus, the duration of digestion in the patient’s stomach increases. Therefore, the patient feels full for a long time. After the loss of appetite, patients can easily diet.

Stomach Botox for Weight Loss


Patients have to diet after stomach botox because stomach botox alone does not help the patient lose weight. Patients should make healthy eating a lifestyle. Thus, patients can healthily reach their ideal weight. Stomach botox helps patients to diet.

Stomach Botox Cost


The stomach botox cost is not exact. The best price learning method for patients is to contact the clinic. Patients can call the clinic via the clinic’s phone number. As another option, patients can send messages to the clinic via WhatsApp. Thus, they can learn all the information from the clinical staff.

Gastric Botox Cost


After the patients communicate with the clinic by phone, they can make an examination appointment from the clinic. Patients have the chance to meet face to face at the clinic. Thus, doctors can examine the patient. Doctors can recommend different weight loss methods for patients during the examination. Patients will again make the final decision on this matter. For international patients, Mono Obesity Surgery offers detailed online consultations; please do not hesitate to contact.


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