Stomach Balloon


Stomach Balloon

Many people suffer from various illnesses such as diabetes because of obesity. That is why these people need a quick weight loss method. A stomach balloon is one of the fast weight loss methods for obese people.

Bariatric balloon

Since the stomach balloon procedure is not surgery, many patients apply to weight loss with a stomach balloon. Thanks to the gastric balloon, people do not have pain after the process. Also, the duration of the gastric balloon procedure is shorter than other obesity surgeries. Therefore, gastric balloon surgery is one of the effective methods for slimming. Nevertheless, after gastric balloon surgery, the patient must follow a diet.

Endoscopic Gastric Balloon

Doctors do not make any holes in the patient’s body in the gastric balloon procedure. On the contrary, doctors reach the stomach by endoscopy. At the endoscopy, the doctor examines the stomach and then inserts a balloon into the stomach. Afterward, the doctor fills blue serum into the balloon. This serum must be blue because if the balloon leaks any, the patient’s urine will be blue. Thus, patients can quickly notice if they have problems. Also, patients should come on an empty stomach, as gastric surgery will be an endoscopy.

Stomach balloon

Doctors recommend fasting for at least 8 hours. Since the doctors fill the patient’s stomach with a balloon, there is a small part in the patient’s stomach that they can fill with food. Thus, patients eat less and lose weight.

Balloon Stomach Cost

The most useful way to find out the prices is to contact the clinic. Communication methods of patients may vary. Telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and the live support line of the hospital are communication facilities.

Stomach balloon cost

Of course, one of the options is that the patient comes to the clinic to meet face to face. Patients may also have the chance to be examined when they come to the clinic. To find out about your treatment plan and book you spot please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and get an online consultation first.


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